Thursday, December 30, 2010

Storms dump heavy rain, snow on parts of West -

So many people from the Northwest go to Arizona each year to escape the wintery conditions, typical of life in the cold North.

"Believe it or not, but I am looking out my window in Scotttsdale, Az & its SNOWING! Never thought I would see this!" former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner tweeted.

Watching the effects of Global Warming freezing out the warm winter havens with frigid temperatures and mounding snow, it looks like it’s time for the Government to raise taxes to buy some more fossils fuels to burn, increasing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere to get some more Global Warming going. Obviously, we could use the heat.

Storms dump heavy rain, snow on parts of West -

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why so cold in eastern U.S.? Winter's 'wild card' in play -

From USA Today
How, on earth, does one coalesce, what scientists refer to as known patterns of weather that produce warmer and colder winters, unpredictably, with the ‘consensus’ among other scientists that the cold isn’t really happening and that the climate is actually getting warmer?
Or for the flip-floppers, that the climate has been ‘disrupted’ in such a way as to replicate previously known patterns of oscillation in weather systems?
As asserted, a convoluted system of taxation on the less industrial of nations which  produce the least amount of questionably climate-altering emissions should fix it all just nicely, even if the nations which are the greatest producers of such emissions refuse to cooperate. We can just keep our climate to ourselves and that should do just nicely. Right.
Xenophobes might disagree.

Why so cold in eastern U.S.? Winter's 'wild card' in play -

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Robert M. McDowell: The FCC's Threat to Internet Freedom -

As strikingly as the federal Government brings simplicity, functionality, profitability  and ease of use to things like the Postal Service, Social Security and the IRS, so it lays it’s facile paws on the fastest growing segment of the economy, the Internet. Where there is no crisis, the Administration needs to create one from whole cloth as justification for smashing the adage ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. And as they have done to healthcare, where there was no crisis, only limited access due to Federal regulations that prevented profitability concurrent with reduced rates by selling policies across state lines, so the Internet will now get to surrender the glory of the American dream of free enterprise to the mucking maw of the Federal Government's inability to get it right.

And, honestly, what politician really stands a chance of making as much or more income than he does as a politician, legitimately, in business-for-self? That’s why they have so much fun playing with other people’s money. 'Win some, lose some' is the adage to which they truly do subscribe in Washington, Because whether they win or lose, they still come out the same. It wasn't their loss to begin with.
The day that America wins will be when we have rid ourselves of the politicians who think that the American Dream is a 'control' nightmare… for those who dream of controlling everything we do in our lives, cradle to grave. And that mentality, so core to the liberal ideal, is the antithesis of the American Dream. When the qualities that made America great will thrive once more will be when D.C. has been rid of what's making America sick: Liberals' need to control and abolish all that they fear, which appears to be, primarily, the freedom of other people to do as they see fit, in the Pursuit Of their idea of Happiness.
The FCC's Threat to Internet Freedom -

Half of U.S. to chalk up a white Christmas -

When will the Deniers admit that Global Warming is here to stay?!?

Half of U.S. to chalk up a white Christmas -

South Koreans Less Willing to Humor North -

The North Koreans are to the South what the Gay Agenda Activists are to the majority of Americans: fit-throwing spoiled brats who believe that they can get their own way if they make such a disgusting fuss that civilized people, so as to avoid a scene, will give in to them, as an inexperienced parent might to nasty, belligerent, ill-tempered spawn. And most of society would agree that we would all be better off if they weren't around.
South Koreans Less Willing to Humor North -

Snow Extends Europe Travel Chaos; UK Seeks Advice on Winter - Bloomberg

As the UK seeks advice on how to handle winter weather, they might consider speaking with Al Gore, the Nobel laureate on the subject of climate and how man can control it. 

Snow Extends Europe Travel Chaos; UK Seeks Advice on Winter - Bloomberg

EU hits out at 'unacceptable' travel delays -

Don’t you just hate Global Warming. It’s just one inconvenience after another.

EU hits out at 'unacceptable' travel delays -

Friday, December 17, 2010

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released on bail -

Now that he’s “out and about”, Julian Assange is about as a safe as a gay in the military, like any exposed target might expect to be. Accidents happen.

But this thought is not original. About 900 million other people have imagined the same thing.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released on bail -

Revamping of airport checkpoint system urged

Experts agree: With all of the billions of dollars spent on airport security technology, in lieu of intelligence, none of those expenditures has thwarted a single terrorist. It is clear, if investing in proven results makes any sense at all, that the Federal Government should be investing heavily in intelligent, alert passengers and inept terrorists. These are the responsible parties for nullifying the last several attempts to wreak havoc in the civilized world.

Perhaps it is now time for the civilized world to focus on terrorists and not everything but terrorists.They do have unique packaging: always visible, always discernable and, to those not afflicted in the area of intelligent discernment, faithful followers of the teachings of Islam. Maybe we should invest billions in intelligent people who are capable of distinguishing a swarthy middle eastern Muslim male from an 83 year old, invalid Baptist grandma.

In every known recent attempt, terrorists have used a different tactic to evade the latest technology at airport checkpoints, only to be thwarted by information unearthed through intelligence work - or by alert passengers in flight.

The result is an emerging consensus among experts and lawmakers that the checkpoint-heavy approach - searching nearly every passenger - may not be the most effective.

Instead, many of them say, the system should focus more urgently on individuals, gathering a greater range of information about people to identify those most likely to present a real danger. ~ Washington Post

With unemployment as high as it is, those brilliant individuals necessary to accomplish this task are likely to found just about anywhere… except at the TSA.

.Revamping of airport checkpoint system urged

From USA Today


Winter storm brings snow, ice to Southeast, Mid-Atlantic

December 2010 highs and lows

Thursday's forecast: Winter storms for Southwest, Mid-Atlantic

Scientists: Polar bears could be saved if global warming slows

5 die in crashes as icy storm sweeps through Southeast

Tornado hits small Ore. town; no serious injuries

This is just too funny: Scientists think that if global warming were to subside, the Polar Bears will have a chance. It seems that the “scientists” just need to subscribe to USA Today to alleviate their fears. The above headlines are all in one day’s publication.

With the obvious solution resting in the migration of polar bears to Atlanta and Raleigh, however, these headlines might be more noteworthy in the Real Estate section. Housing prices in the South may have a “crisis” all their own, when “that type” moves into the neighborhood.

Manhunt Underway for Suspected Bandit in Border Agent's Killing -

The Border Patrol declined to reveal the country of origin of the suspects. Argentina? New Zealand? Austria? The United States? Why on earth would concealing the country of origin be so important as to obscure the truth from the public to do so? It’s starting to sound like the Border Patrol operate similarly to the president’s legal team in keeping hidden what, for  most people,  is considered to be public. In both cases,

it sure looks like someone has something to hide.

Manhunt Underway for Suspected Bandit in Border Agent's Killing -

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A How To Guide for Becoming a DREAM Act Beneficiary - Bob Dane - Townhall Conservative

For most employers, snoozing on the job is not an option. But your representatives in Congress not only get to sleep on the job, they get to DREAM too.

Check out this DREAM act for DUMMIES guide. It may inspire you to steal a SSN , change your name and start to reap the benefits of other people’s hard work.

A How To Guide for Becoming a DREAM Act Beneficiary - Bob Dane - Townhall Conservative

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Obama: Americans Don’t View Him as Success

Fo’ reeeal, Mr. President. The American people do indeed feel as if Washington politicians, otherwise known as “the employed”, do not represent the people, otherwise known as “the employer”. We believe that “the focus needs to change to the needs of everyday people".

What has become alarmingly apparent though is that, after two years, you are incapable of bringing about that change, since most of the feeling of failure 'sensed' by the people is rooted in your own indifference to the will of the people and your continued and repeated disrespect to the Constitution, the document in which our belief that you work for us resides. The very document you swore an oath to defend. We do, in fact, believe that you are over your skis. And clearly, you do too. Especially when you call upon a former disgraced president, Bill Clinton, to do your job because you can't. What more proof do we need to see (seeing is believing) that even you “sense”that you’re not successful? At least we agree on something.

But the real question for me?
"Is it truly failure when you were never capable of doing the job in the first place? Can an infant actually "fail" at driving a car?"
"Can Pee Wee's Playhouse 'fail' at being the White House?"
Probably not. Success was never possible. The real failure is on the part of the people, in that some of us elected you to a job for which you are clearly unqualified and for which you offered no proof that you were ever able to do in the first place. And the rest of us let it happen. Shame on us.

So don't feel so badly Barry. Even if you can't be a success, despite the audacity of your hope, at least you recognize failure when you see it in the mirror.

 Obama: Americans Don’t View Him as Success

Thursday, December 09, 2010

FBI: Bomb plot suspect knew about Oregon sting -

More Peace from Muslims. But that doesn’t mean that kids, the disabled and pregnant white women aren’t equally suspect at airports where no terror plots have ever been enacted by an American –born Caucasian. I guess, one day, sometime, somehow, maybe, by some fluke it could happen. Yes, it is possible for an 83 year old grandmother to suddenly change her name to Muhammad after converting to Islam and, after obsessing with killing thousand of kids and their mothers and fathers, buy an explosive device, strap it to her walker and shuttle it off to the airport. Yes, when one stops to think about it, that does does sound like a Terribly Stupid Assessment. So the TSA people should ripe for the task, protecting us all from our forebears. But not from Muslims. They don’t categorically supply the greatest number of terrorists to ever attack America. It just, coincidentally, looks that way. Go figure.

FBI: Bomb plot suspect knew about Oregon sting -

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Good Time Was Had By All: U.S. Military Prepares for Economic Collapse

FEMA’s website recommends that American families have emergency preparedness supplies readily available, including food and water, for at least several weeks.

U.S. Military Prepares for Economic Collapse

Obama muffed U.S. motto - Washington Times

He makes fewer mistakes than he exercises the audacity to hit the 'Reset' button on American purpose and identity. He is clearly in breach of his sworn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States as he systematically attacks it at its root. For this, alone, he is deserving of impeachment.

Or, maybe he's just incompetent

Sunday, December 05, 2010

PayPal cuts off WikiLeaks' money flow | | The Star Press

If I understood this correctly, a German citizen is allowed a tax deduction for donating money to a foundation that supports Wikileaks which promotes and encourages illegal activity. As any good fence might be expected, dealing in stolen property.

PayPal cuts off WikiLeaks' money flow | | The Star Press

Texan calls for jail time for enforcing Obamacare

It will be interesting to see if this bill survives its first breath of air. Usually, Federal law trumps State law. But this has a unique twist in that it would not be a law in conflict but rather, a law in response. If the Virginia case before the Supreme Court proves that State's prerogatives victorious, then this new Texas bill might just be moot.

But it sure put a smile on my face when I read it.

Texan calls for jail time for enforcing Obamacare

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Latest Pittsburg pension fix: life insurance policies on employees

Now here’s an idea to die for.
The only problem I can see in it is that pensioners might develop costly stress disorders, increasing in intensity with each new report about retirement fund deficits, a problem that would self-escalate. With the solution to the problem of fiscal shortfall so obvious, it is likely few would be able to sleep at night, though the enrollment in shooting and target ranges might climb precipitously. With so many elderly target shooting while increasingly nervous and sleepless, a whole new dilemma surfaces: will the insurance companies payout if the insured is terminated by capital punishment?

Latest Pittsburg pension fix: life insurance policies on employees

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Catholic League Counters Atheist Billboard With A Differing View

Ponder this: if there were no God, what would an atheist deny? That something that isn't there...isn't there? And yet, this is exactly what the atheist's protest billboards are doing: protesting against the existence of something they say doesn't exist. And they call that "REASON". To me, it seems more than a little strange. I'm not so sure I would say that 'reason' was the dominant force behind the enormous expenditure for a 30 day run on a billboard. They usually cost between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on exposure, duration, economy, etc. for that length of time.

Imagine if they put up a $20,000 a month billboard to protest against all the things that don't exist. There's no proof that Allah exists either. Do you think that the Lamar company would have what it takes to put up a billboard that denied the existence of Allah? They could call it a public service. In New York, Christians put up Christmas trees and drive the single greatest force in the US economy with all the gift giving that Christian love and charity inspire at Christmas. In New York, Muslims are most revered for blowing things up and knocking things down. And being the cause of people dying in the thousands. I think, if the atheists really want to perform a public service they should put up billboards that denounce Islam, Mohammad and Allah. And Buddha and Shiva and a pantheon of gods from around the world. But the God who is celebrated at Christmas gave us our present codes of conduct through ten commandments. To protest Him is pretty much the same as protesting what believers claim He said to them. Since they've singled out the God of the Bible, it would seem that the morality imparted to His people by that God is that which the atheists most resent. Yet history has shown for all time that man, when left to his own devices, seeks to declare a Lord of The Flies to rule over all others. 

The fact is, it isn't at all 'reasonable' to denounce the things that you believe don't exist. The universe if is filled with endless possibility and yet we have no reasonable way to suppose that there is anything beyond what our senses reasonably might tell us.The list of things to deny would be endless and it would take billions of billboards and trillions of dollars to denounce them all. To launch such a protest and denunciation would indeed be most unreasonable.The fact is, the atheists aren't picking on God or anything else that doesn't exist. They're simply, if not obviously, denouncing that which they fear most: the people that do believe in God. Paranoid Thought Police of the worst kind. It is ludicrous and completely illogical to denounce that which is not. However, if you have a deep seated resentment towards people that do believe in a Supreme Almighty, then their festering misery and fear-filled loneliness is suddenly reasonable and expected. Or, at least, understandable.

Some people hate blacks and don't mind manifesting their hatred towards them. Such folk are found in the membership rolls of the Ku Klux Klan. Others hate gays and demonstrate their hatred by brutalizing those who posed no real threat to them, only to their own insecurities about themselves and their own sexuality. Their numbers are among the 'gay bashers'. Atheists are really no different, hating anyone who believes differently than they do... that they themselves are not God and that God alone is God. This, for all of their 'reason', is an intolerable acceptance of Mankind's limitations; for atheists want you -need for you- to stop believing as you do so as to bolster their own ranks, for fear of finding themselves as alone as they already feel. Especially at Christmas. How utterly alienating it must feel to be an atheist, denouncing God, at Christmas. An atheist needs, perhaps for reasons of emotional security, to believe that they are at the top of the chain; that there is nothing above them. Fear, perhaps. Jealousy, maybe. And they'll spend tens of thousands of dollars a month to try to get you to stop believing the things that they don't or can't believe in. Knowing that there is great emotional security rooted in the adage "there is strength in numbers", they would appear to need to increase their flock in an effort to bolster what appears to be their own sense of weakness and vulnerability. Just because they don't or can't believe. They do believe that they are at the pinnacle of reason, exemplary of all mankind. They believe that their superior understanding of reality should dominate the thought processes of everyone else and they have no compunction in so declaring. After all, it's only reasonable that they do so. And any reasonable observer would see the Lord Of The Flies in action: "Kill all that is not like yourself, for your own safety -your very existence- depends on it."

Well, if there really is no Supreme Being, and the atheists are so sure about it, and they really do want to improve things on this planet for the betterment of mankind, then they really should, for the sake of their own integrity, go after the largest and fastest growing group of people influenced by such nonsense as 'belief in the spiritual'.
And that group, of course, would be Muslims.

If the atheists have any shred of honesty or integrity at all, they would let the believers in Allah know just how fake they, the atheists, influenced by reason, think that he, Allah, really is. Or isn't, as the case may be. Ramadan might be a good time to start.

Or are they, as any reasonable observer would readily assess, simply lacking miserably in the courage of their conviction?  Are they really as weak and afraid as they would appear? My guess is, they probably are just that afraid. Those perceived to be sheep are a much easier target than wolves. These are the people that, if they weren't too afraid to, out of sheer loneliness, would be jumping off bridges. These people have a philosophy that credits them nothing for the supreme effort necessary to be truly good in a world where goodness in underrated and under appreciated. But in inasmuch as they only protest against one God, and no others, it becomes so much clearer that the thing they fear the most is that He actually does, exist. And that's why they don't just go and jump off a bridge. That overwhelming, crippling terror that they might in fact, be wrong. If almost all of the greatest intellects that ever inhabited this place think that there is a God, what great powers of reason might an atheist possess that would defy not only those greatest intellects of all time, but God Himself?

Yes, they are surely, just that afraid. And in the end, all of their poorly reasoned expenditures on costly billboards is nothing more than that: poorly reasoned expenditures. Railing against God won't make Him go away. Denouncing people who believe in Him, won't make Him or them go away. Purchasing billboards to deny the existence of something that you claim doesn't exist is the silliest way to deplete one's resources that any reasonable person could possibly imagine.

May they all enjoy the benefit of a Joy-filled Christmas celebration of Hope for Mankind, even if it is no more than to be blessed with being surrounded by people who do know the truth and, therefore, will keep them safe and secure, despite their fear-filled loneliness.
Merry Christmas!

"Love has reasons which reason cannot understand."
             Blaise Pascal

Teenager indicted in Portland bomb plot | | Statesman Journal

As many have long suspected, Somalia has had it in for the US for quite some time, now. Our exploitation of Somalia for its people and resources has festered a wound too great to bear any longer. Something had to be done to resolve the issues between the political philosophies of Somalia and their arch-enemy, the United States.The brazen piracy on the high seas against US military vessels was intended to intimidate, making us a prime, cowering victim for the soon-to-come “devastation”, Somali style. And now we see the fruits of that plotting, so long-brewing in the deepest, darkest hearts of Africa.
Thank goodness the perpetrator wasn’t motivated by his Muslim faith. That poor, misunderstood crowd has gotten short shrift way too often in matters involving ruthless, heartless, blood chilling savagery. For all their peaceful ways, the last thing Muslims need to do is to take the heat for the nefarious scoundrels, seething in the snake pit known as Somalia.
And leave it to the honesty and integrity of the press corps (that’s 'core’, not ‘corpse’ as the White House would want you to know) to make it plain that the common denominator between Mohamed Osman Mohamud is that Somali zealots have nothing to do with Islam; Pirates that they are, they have –predictably-  co-opted the word “jihad” in an effort to gain world recognition and respect. And though the teen terrorist claims that, at the ripe old age of 15, he "prayed for guidance" as to how best to kill American women and children, it is a secret as to whom he prayed. Surely it wasn't Allah.
But the desire to see all Americans slaughtered as they gather to celebrate the spirit of peace, which is Christmas, has nothing to do with obeying the holy prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) command to kill all ‘pigs and monkeys’ (a reference to Christians and Jews) as he has instructed in the Koran. And that’s why the press so nobly refers to Mohamed Osman Mohamud as ‘Somali-born’. It would be way too easy to pretend to see a common thread of Islam involving hate-inspired attacks on America. We need to wake-up America! and understand the threat that Somalia represents to this country. Especially at Christmas.

Somali-born terrorist, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, attempted to kill  thousands
of Christians as a Somali, not as a Muslim. It appears the teachings of Somalia support
 jihad, whereas Islam, according to local Muslims does not support jihad.
  In the spirit of of America’s philosophy of acceptance and encouragement of all religions with Islam’s enthusiasm for the same, open ‘dialogue’, a la Cordoba House, recognizes that community gatherings are a great place to start.

Teenager indicted in Portland bomb plot | | Statesman Journal

Monday, November 29, 2010

Court: Censoring Student's 'God' Speech Is Unconstitutional


It would seem, to the casual observer, that the school is guilty of a hate crime, as there is no other constitutionally justified principle to motivate this action on the part of the school district authorities. other than hatred for this student’s beliefs

Court: Censoring Student's 'God' Speech Is Unconstitutional |

WikiLeaks Turns on Obama

The US government can control the spread of stolen music and movies which threaten the incomes of a few RIAA executives and media moguls, even internationally; yet it is powerless to control the spread of illegally obtained security documents which threaten the security of this country and the world.
Of what use is the FBI , the CIA and the NSA if, in the end, it all goes up in smoke?
What does Julian Assange have on the heads of these organizations that renders them all so profoundly impotent? Somehow, it's difficult to imagine this going on under the direction of a strong leader. But, things being what they are, perhaps Mr. Assange, in light of what just happened in Iranshould be more than a bit nervous.

When stolen goods are taken to the pawn shop, the store's owner is liable for the provenance of the goods. Why is the New York Times and other purveyors in stolen goods immune from prosecution under the same statutes? If we don't have such statutes, why not? Is not doing the work of a spy, in essence, being a spy? 
Spies get shot. And besides, with circulation in the toilet (no pun intended), very few would even notice the Times disappearance.

WikiLeaks Turns on Obama

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When Common Sense Prevails

Several days ago, I received in the email from one of the (too) many conservative newsletters to which I subscribe, a survey inquiring as to who I thought might be a good choice for a presidential candidate for the GOP in 2012. At the end of the list of the usual suspects was a box for a “write in” suggestion. I thought for a moment and then rethought my thought. And then I wrote in Chris Christie with Alan West as VP. OK. I was indulging myself, as if somehow I could have whatever I thought would make me happy. And as along as I can have my way, Ken Cuccinelli, II (junior?) for Attorney General. But that would be asking too much. So back to reality, inasmuch as it it attainable.

I’ve enclosed a link to a video of a speech delivered to a gathering at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona by Governor Christie. At the end of a lengthy talk (though none of it boring or tedious, but to the contrary riveting and timely), I realized that my write in suggestion was, for me, even more so, the right choice. In four years of President Christie, we might well expect to see this ship turned around and sailing in the right direction. That is, if common sense and a mature respect for the American people are qualifiers for the job; because if they are, this man has qualifications to spare. And if he, like so many politicians, is lying through his teeth, then I really and truly give up. But if he is, in fact, the honest, down-to-earth American who is gifted by God, to Whom he gives credit, with the clarity of vision and the courage to employ the skills required to follow the Constitution as it was intended, then we have a most bright future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and staggeringly brilliant prospects for this country’s future.

Enjoy some Reagan–style common sense at its best.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Storms are biggest threat to travelers | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/25/2010

Perhaps all those travelers who didn’t clog the system simply chose another mode of transport and didn’t fly at all. What a great way to make the highways safer and the airlines healthier: just drive the customer away to a more dangerous method of travel. There have been more train and car accidents in the last ten years than there have been air travel fatalities. But don't tell Janet.

Even as the Post Office and the Social Security system are operated, the TSA shows how cleverly government gets the job done. And their allies ion the media cover up the facts to sell teh agenda.
Storms are biggest threat to travelers | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/25/2010

Muslim woman claims she was not allowed to roller skate in scarf -

If you want to wear something considered potentially dangerous for safety and insurance reasons, if for religious reasons you want to wear it, then maybe it should be allowed, regardless what hazards it might pose. Guns,then, if worn for religious reasons, should perhaps be allowed. too.

Muslim woman claims she was not allowed to roller skate in scarf -

Sarah Goofs Again

Maybe Sarah flubbed sufficiently, eight seconds after getting it right, got it wrong, to warrant the malstrom of criticism so eagerly awaiting her. Maybe she really does have a problem with geography.

Now, in Heinz-sight, she would probably want to ask Barack what he would have said.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Economics versus the TSA - Art Carden - The Economic Imagination - Forbes

Sometimes, the straight-forward, simple approach is the best way to see things for what they really are. Art Carden in Forbes Magazine tells it pretty straight forward. 

Economics versus the TSA - Art Carden - The Economic Imagination - Forbes

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Developers Seek Federal Funds | The Weekly Standard

Just when you thought there was nothing that topped the superlative – nothing beyond "–est”, as in “dumbest”, “slimiest”, “stupidest”, there is this: a Victory Mosque, which from its 13th floor, overlooks the site of Islamic, Koran-inspired expression of hatred for America and the "freedom for which it stands", better known as “Ground Zero”, funded with the tax dollars from hard working Americans, over whom the conquerors will gloat. And if this abysmal atrocity is allowed to continue, then this will, indeed, be a victory site, for we will have, as a nation, defaulted on the ownership of our own country, having handed it over to the enemy, from the hands of the guilt-ridden wraiths that think lying about how they really feel for the sake of how they appear to feel (the definition of Politically Correct), is more important than demanding that those who live here in America be American and embrace the culture of being American. Or not live here.
To defeat this summary act of weakness and self-loathing, one need only define the word "develop".

And you thought Washington had the greatest concentration of intellectual prowess in the world, right?

Ground Zero Mosque Developers Seek Federal Funds | The Weekly Standard

Not TSA Pat-Downs, but Freedom Fondles

Not TSA Pat-Downs, but Freedom Fondles

Most states require that a consumer who forfeits their rights when engaging in a transaction sign a waiver, acknowledging that they are cognizant of the fact they have, indeed, given up certain rights.
Whenever rights are waived, some form of acknowledgement needs to be required.
"I hereby forfeit my Fourth Amendment Rights with no guarantee that I am any safer for having done so" Signed:________
Without such conscious acknowledgement, all Rights could easily be forfeited and who would notice? "Do it because your government tells you too", a philosophy that got the Germans of the 1940's into some big trouble.

This degree of yellow-spined cowardice is not something unforeseen. Benjamin Franklin was aware of the Debra J. Saunders types; the cowards that would say, "Do whatever you must! Just please don't hurt me". These types don't claim to be victims; they are natural born victims, ripe for the plucking. And to such cowardice, Franklin had this to say:
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" -Benjamin Franklin
Helane Becker, an analyst and senior vice president of Dahlman Rose & Co, said she is keeping an eye on forward bookings for post December holiday travel, aircraft traffic and what happens this week.

"Pragmatically, people fly and they're not going to stop. They complain. It's in the news," Becker said.

She says "complain" yet what comes to mind is "whimper". And, as if the Stockholm Syndrome were in full swing, travelers "adapt" to the loss of the very freedoms that identified them as Americans, the very freedoms for which their Muslim attackers hate them so very much. Incrementally, they become compliant with the wishes of those who tell them that they are no longer entitled to the protections once afforded by the Constitution; Compliant, as if they never risked their own lives in battle to defend the country whose rights make it the "Land of the free, And the home of the brave". And never having done so, have little regard for the efforts of those tens of thousands who showed real courage in the fields at Valley Forge, Normandy Beach, Guadalcanal and other locales, all for the sake of principle. Principle so important, that men laid down their lives by the hundreds of thousands so that other Americans, in posterity, would be free. And one of those freedoms worth dying for was the "Freedom from unwarranted search". For some, whose appreciation of the gifts of their forebears, such principled fight is a foreign concept. As the old adage says, "Cherish those things you get for free; they're worth everything you paid for them". And, in having paid no price themselves, for them they have no value and are readily cast aside for the illusion of safety. Safety provided by those, whose own missteps have allowed the problem to escalate to the level that is has. To whom would such farce seem even remotely possible?

In this, it comes to mind, a few of the lyrics to a Beatles song:
"All through the day,
I, me, mine; I , me, mine; I, me mine.
All through the night,
I, me, mine; I , me, mine; I, me mine."
Loosely translated, as it relates to air-safety:
"All through the day and through the night
I'm blinded by my own needs' light;
And so for the sake of my own self perception
Reality lies in theatric deception."

Not everyone who flies from an American airport, necessarily deserves to be an American. Those who give up their freedoms for the illusion of safety, when actually no such guarantee of safety has been given, are fools of the worst sort: when they're given the opportunity to have better, choose less. When the Constitution, and the blood of those who fought to defend it, guarantees them the right to be free from unwarranted search, they choose to give up that right to pretend that, after cancer-challenging radiation or rape-like groping, they are safer. After having been presumed guilty and treated accordingly, have proven themselves innocent like might be necessary for some third-world refugee, or like someone from a country that fosters a serious dislike for the Western ethic and promotes the teachings found in a book which commands the beheading of Christians and Jews, referring to them as "pigs" and "monkeys". In such instances, one might recognize that people who have no Fourth Amendment rights as Americans sometimes do, give up nothing when they're treated as one might process diseased cattle. 

After you've subjected yourself to radiation or groping, you are no more assured that some explosive has not already been planted on the plane. Or that the engines won't fail. Or that a lightning strike won't crash the craft. Or that a tail fin control mechanism won't fail to perform. Or any of the other myriad "surprises" that have sent planes plummeting in recent years won't, in fact, doom this craft. The only assurance these current methods afford is the assurance that you've definitely diminished your Constitutional birthright and the personal, uniquely American dignity it lends, to pretend that you're any safer than you were. Safer from what? Heartfelt dignity in being a Constitutionally-protected American? or freedom from cancer protections? Thought the TSA scoffs at concerns of radiation, saying that you would get than much radiation from flying, has anyone pulled out a calculator and done the math? The TSA just told you their going to double your radiation exposure, or more. But don't let that bother you. If you watch your cholesterol and trans fats, or, more precisely, watch the government watch them for you, you might end up being the healthiest new cancer patient on the ward, albeit crippled, emasculated and paralyzed by the government taking care of you.

Until the authorities focus on the most probable cause of terror, that being the religious/political group that use the Koran to justify their crimes, no threat of terror will be reduced, not one iota.
  • Only the dumbest sort of terrorist would try to bring explosives on his person. The last one to do this, the so named "Christmas bomber" (one of the few times the media likes to use the word "Christmas"; and though he is referred to as a Nigerian, the only thing he had in common with all of the other threats to America was his profession of Islam) had a father that had already warned the Authorities that his son would do this. But the Authorities didn't listen. Yet, some travelling fools will listen to those same inept officials when told to give up one of their most precious possessions: their personal dignity and Constitutional rights. And when the Director of the Center for Radiological Research (CRR), David Brenner says he, as the government's consultant on scanner design, safety and implementation, regrets having signed off on a program that is possibly more dangerous than he ever suspected, those same inept individuals at the TSA will tell you that it's OK... it's safe.

  • Only the dumbest sort of traveller thinks the current system will find the bomb that was already planted in the fuselage long before your plane pulled up to the jetway. More terror activities have been found among the baggage staff than in the passenger list. More criminals, due to the poor quality of the background checks of the TSA, perform the screening than you will find among those that are screened. And who said it had to be a bomb? Wouldn't a faulty critical system be just as fatal to the craft and its passengers? And we've seen enough of those to  understand how readily such an "innocent" flaw might be as deadly as a detectable bomb. And all under the nose of Janet Napolitano. But some people will actually feel better knowing that they'd sacrificed so much in the name of safety that their horrific, burning, terrorized fate was just inevitable...nothing could have been done to prevent its happening. While others are saying the same thing about the demise of our democracy and liberty and freedom.
If the point of terrorism is to cower the populace into rescinding their rights out of fear for their safety, then the TSA has done a wonderful job of rendering the terrorists neutralized, redundant and unnecessary:
the TSA has already achieved that objective.

Perhaps we are better off with fewer fools. We're sure to find out.

Why We Need The Second Amendment

Monday, November 22, 2010

From Which Threats Have We Been Saved?

Sometimes, one just has to wonder,

How many times in the last ten years has an plane been taken down due to a bomb?
How many times in the last ten years has a plane been taken down due to lightning?
How many times in the last ten years has a bridge been taken out due to a bomb?
How many times in the last ten years has a bridge collapsed due to disrepair?
How many terrorists have been captured by the TSA?
How many terrorists in the last ten years have been Muslim?
How many terrorists have been married, white Anglo Saxons flying with their children?
How many terrorists have been white males using their young children to carry suicide bombs?
How many terrorists have been Muslims using their young children to carry suicide bombs?
How many times has the TSA singled out every likely possibility by using common intelligence, such as pattern recognition, to identify the most likely threats to air safety?
How many times has a parent warned the authorities that their son is a terrorist and is likely to carry out an act of jihad, only to have had the authorities ignore the warning, resulting in that same son wearing explosives in his underwear aboard a US flight to Detroit?
How many terrorists will use the types of bombs that they know are being sought in the airport screenings?
How many bombs, carried internally like those that the terrorist are using now, can be detected by the current screening methods?
How many times has the TSA guaranteed that after their intense level of screening, the aircraft will suffer no damage and that all the passengers will arrive safely at their destinations?
What is the ratio of naturally occurring air disasters to deliberate human caused air disasters?
What is the ratio of Muslim caused air disasters to non-Muslim caused air disasters?
What is the ratio of "most probable" screened to "least probable"?
What is the cost of screening those least likely to be terrorists?
How many for the "least likely" have turned out to be bone fide terrorists?
Are the TSA style of screenings, though markedly different from the highly successful Israeli style screenings, for the safety of the public at the expense of their dignity and rights, or more so to make the TSA feel and look better to themselves when they look into the mirror and the TV camera?
When the TSA says that certain measures are necessary for the safety of the public do they mean that they are categorically necessary or that its the only way that they can feel assured?
Is the TSA brighter and better than other countries that have fewer attacks while using less invasive measures, or is the TSA limited by imagination and lack of respect for Americans that they can find no better, even if others have shown that better exists?

These are just a few of the questions that loom to the fore when trying to understand how an American is asked by another American who has sworn to uphold the Constitution to, in fact, abandon that same Constitution.

If you have any questions that you can't explain away as easily as Ms. Napolitano can, please, feel free to leave them here. Surely, there are many more.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

When Logic Prevails

Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.

- Laurence J. Peter

In an interview regarding the legality of invasive searches without first obtaining a warrant, as per the protocol secured by the Fourth Amendment in our nation's founding constitution, a law professor from Illinois (no, not him; his title wasn't "professor", it was "lecturer") said this, as excerpted from an article in the Christian Science Monitor:

“Are the conditions that you’re consenting to so draconian and so unreasonable that there’s a Fourth Amendment problem?” asks William Schroeder, a professor of law at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. “I don’t think that argument is going to carry the day, given that people have hidden bombs on their bodies in ways that cannot be found through less invasive searches.”

'You don't have to fly'

At the heart of the issue is consent, says Professor Schroeder. Have people consented to this search, simply by buying a ticket? "I certainly understand why people are not altogether pleased about it,” says Schroeder, but “you’ve consented. You don’t have to fly – that’s your choice.”
So according to professor Schroeder, if you've consented to be in a certain place at a certain time for a certain reason, then what ever befalls you is OK, since you consented to be there. And since attackers have succeeded in defying this particular screening method by carrying bombs internally, our government should spend hundreds of millions to subject you to their ineffectiveness in an effort to prove that the average passenger is as harmless and/or sheep-minded as we all suspected they were before the screening. Brilliant.
  • Don't call the police if you're the victim of a home invasion, since you decided to buy a home in an area that was not certifiably guaranteed to be crime proof. You consented to be there and you don't have to live in a house. "That's your choice"
  • If your credit card information is misused by the clerk in the store, don't report it since you gave them your card,  knowing that this type of abuse was not unknown. "That's your choice"
  • If your child is abducted or molested, you can't complain since, when you took your eyes off them, you knew that such things were possible and you consented to place them in the circumstances that led to the horror."That's your choice"
So be forewarned: if you attempt to use your consumer spending with an airline, feeling good about helping an industry which fights for its survival, as a result of the damage done to it by terrorists, don't expect to be treated as a helpful, beneficent American with "certain inalienable rights".
Rather, expect to be treated as the enemy.
"That's your choice"

Professor Schroeder doesn't expect the argument of your right to freedom from unwarranted search to "carry the day given that people have hidden bombs on their bodies in ways that cannot be found through less invasive searches.” [note to Prof. Shroeder: bombs have been gotten through this type of scanner by Israeli security forces, proving that they are a false security, the worst kind! ] The people that have actually done this hateful bombing stuff have all been devout and faithful, Koran-observant Muslims, at least as regards the killing of "monkeys and pigs", as their "holy book" refers to Christians and Jews.

Director John Pistole, prepared to grope and probe

One of the best definitions of "intelligence" is
"The observation of data and drawing a valid conclusion".
Since the effectiveness of a search would be increased greatly by intelligently recognizing a pattern and focusing on that pattern, then to not do so would diminish the effectiveness of the search. This, at best, would seem to be malfeasance on the part of Janet Napolitano and the TSA. Or perhaps incompetence,  if not sheer malice, as there are documented cases of people avoiding security and stowing away in the wheel wells of planes,. The TSA says that this is the only way that they can secure our safety. This the only way THEY can secure our safety is not the same as IT is the only way to secure our safety. There is a distinction, yet there were many distinctions regarding the election of 2008 that readily flew over  lot of cuckoo nests, unnoticed. Their presumption is your assumption that if they've chosen a method, intrinsically, it must be best. If we were to outsource our airport security to an agency that has a better track record than the TSA, we would be prudent to do so. Israel has mastered the art of airport security combined with public support without sacrificing the dignity of its citizens. They have foiled  these type of scanners and therefore consider them to be unreliable. And, as terrorists continually outwit the latest detection methods (now storing explosives anally, undetected by skin-scanners), wholesale use of these too-expensive machines does more to further cripple our economy alienate customers than it does to enhance our safety.

Inasmuch as we are treated as if we were the enemy while having our safety diminished by the decisions made by the TSA under the authority of the President, it is clear who the TSA thinks the enemy is, thereby defining who they are to the American citizen: his enemy.

And Obama's least favorite author had this to say on the subject:

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms [of government] those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
-Thomas Jefferson
And, as Janet Napolitano referred to this abatement of rights as an "inconvenience", Mr. Jefferson had this to say:

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it. -Thomas Jefferson

Word of the Day |

This can’t be an accident.

The ancient cultures have long named their children, not with names that sounded nice or cool or exotic, but rather, with names that they felt best reflected the child’s destiny or character. So, is it not reassuring that some things that have stood  for depth of culture from the past survive to the present. When Barack Hussein Obama was given his name, someone obviously had some familiarity with the English language including a keener-than-usual awareness of English etymology.

Word of the Day

Sunday, November 21, 2010


\ bam-BOO-zuhl \  , verb;
To deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like.
To perplex; mystify.
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In his opening remarks he addressed the rumors that he was going to try to bamboozle them with a lot of technicalities and theatrics.
-- Caleb Carr, The Angel of Darkness
Perhaps he used them as a blind for his real project, and used to bamboozle the learned with pretending to read them passages in which great learning seemed to be elaborately worked up, crabbed with Greek and Latin, as if the topic drew into itself, like a whirlpool, all that men thought and knew; plans to cultivate cobwebs on a large scale.
-- Nathaniel Hawthorne, Doctor Grimshawe's Secret
Bamboozle was originally a slang or cant word, perhaps Scottish from bombaze , "perplex," related to bombast, or French. embabuiner , literally "to make a baboon of."

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pens Should Be Illegal - They Can Be Used To Commit Crimes

Barack Hussein Obama, by executive fiat, used his pen to deprive Americans of access to the abilty to exercise their Second Amendment Rights. Some say that every document he signs is a criminal act in that he is and imposter to the office which he occupies.
Below, you will find an informative article that was published by National Association for Gun Rights

Dear fellow American,
Did you know that Barack Obama has already banned nearly a million American made rifles?
Nearly a million rifles.
Banned by Barack Obama and his anti-gun cronies.
In a bureaucratic block the Obama Administration secretly banned the re-importation of American made M-1 Garand and Carbine rifles being stored in South Korea.
These rifles were used by the US military during the Korean War and left there after the war was over.
With one stroke of his pen, Barack Obama bypassed the Constitution and single-handedly banned nearly a million American made rifles by executive fiat.

In response, I instructed my staff to prepare a petition for you to sign to voice opposition Obama's Historic Rifle Ban.

Please watch the video they created in which NAGR Director of Operations Luke O'Dell discusses this latest gun ban with M-1 Garand expert Rory Edwards.

Make no mistake, these rifles were made in America, by Americans for Americans to defend freedom on foreign shores and are greatly sought after by American shooters and collectors.

Now State Department officials claim these antique, collector rifles could be used to commit crimes.

While the radical anti-gun crowd is giddy with praise for Obama’s latest back-door gun ban, law-abiding citizens across the United States are crying foul.

These outrageous claims are a thinly veiled attempt to distract from Obama’s special interest payback to the radical anti-gun crowd. This desperate pandering must not be allowed to continue. It has been common practice since the end of World War II to re-import these American made rifles from the foreign allies they were lent to after the war.
During the Reagan Administration a similar import request for 200,000 Garand rifles was approved. State Department officials say they are working with South Korea to “dispose” of these American made rifles.You and I both know that is bureaucratic code for the melting down and destruction of these iconic American made rifles.On top of banning American citizens from owning these rifles, Obama’s State Department is arranging for the destruction of nearly one million historic, American rifles.
To help dispel some of the myths surrounding this iconic American rifle, Director of Operations Luke O’Dell interviewed M-1 Garand expert Rory Edwards.

Let me be clear: at no time in U.S. history has the ownership of any part of this gun been restricted or banned.
These firearms -- truly pieces of American history -- rightly belong in the hands of U.S. citizens, and Obama has banned nearly one million of them without cause.
Thank you, in advance for joining me in standing up against this outrageous anti-gun action.

For liberty,

Dudley Brown

Executive Director

National Association for Gun Rights

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - A Division of Christian Worldview Communications, LLC

Terrorists and Barry's TSA Simply Have Different Methods

Probably, as a result of his being raised by a communist who associated exclusively with communists, Barry Soetoro can only see the world through the lens of "control in order to make perfect." This became most apparent, or at least the veil was most transparent, when in a radio interview he disclosed his chagrin that the Warren Court did too little to allow for the wealth of this nation to be taken from those who earned it and given to those who did not. In the interview he called it redistribution of wealth. He expressed frustration in that the Constitution has not been interpreted to allow for this mandatory removal of the rewards of one person's lifetime of achievements and award them to someone who hadn't done as much.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. -Thomas Jefferson
(It might appear that Thomas Jefferson is Barack Obama's least favorite author, as they disagree on so much)

In that same spirit of absolute control, Barack has, along with his allies, proceeded to, at an alarming pace, step by step, dismantle the freedoms that make America any different from any other country on this planet, struggling for happiness. The freedoms, deriving their worth in that the guarantee of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are rights given to us by our Creator and, therefore, cannot be taken away by any agent of man. This concept was sealed forever by the signatures, attached to the Preamble to the Constitution of The United States, of those that gave birth to this nation; a document made sacred by the blood of those that died defending it. Barack Hussein Obama, in what can only be suspected to be a fit of rage at this freedom enjoyed by so many, recently recited, in several speeches across the country, the rights enumerated in the preamble, while leaving out the phrase "by their Creator". One can only believe this omission to be a deliberate attempt to change the very  founding principles of this country. One would think that this, in itself, constitutes a breach of the oath he swore upon his inauguration to "defend the Constitution", when in fact, he repeatedly, even after being corrected, redefined the very core principle of that founding document. Without our rights, we are like anyone else who is ultimately able to be enslaved by the governing few. Without a Creator, those rights can be removed as easily as they are given; without a Creator to give them to us, they can then, only be deemed derivative of the magnanimousness of the governing few. It is this very principle that launched this nation away from tyranny and it is this very principle that Obama's present administration is attempting to dissolve. Right before our very disbelieving eyes. Yet, it is our disbelief that makes it possible. The worst killing-fires aren't those that everyone saw coming. The greatest loss of life is caused by those fires that grow in the walls of a structure and are well developed before they burst forth, consuming the horrified victims, before they had the time to do anything about it.
Terrorists and Obama's TSA, want the same thing: to control us with fear as they take away our rights as Americans.

They simply have different methods.

"We're at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. It has been said that if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment, that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening."

R. Reagan

Used without permission but it sure says a lot

This is the horror of an unchecked Barack Hussein Obama...Nancy Pelosi... Harry Reid... Janet Napolitano... when they systematically, deliberately, and methodically do to us what the terrorists would like to do to us: control us with fear as they strip away our rights. First be denying that we have any rights not given to us by them, denying the Creator had any authority in the matter; Then denying that we should have them at all; and all in the name of "for our own good".

The jihadists long ago realized that they could never take over this country in open attack. Therefore, they declared that they will take it over from within, infiltrating our government with those of like mind until one day “the Crescent and Star” fly atop the White House. This is their open and public claim. Is Barack Hussein a Muslim? We have no way to know. He hasn't attended church service in two years and when he says he's a Christian, he cites precepts that are not Christian. So who knows? But, in the end it doesn't matter.  Either way, he is doing their work for them.
These actions on the part of the TSA, at the direction of Barack Hussein Obama, should give one pause as to what is actually going on. Something has to be done. This type of treatment shows either an appalling lack of respect or a pathetic lack of imagination.

Perhaps we should sub-contract our security to another nation with a better track record of success. The most secure airport in the world, Ben Gurion airport in Israel does not use this technology. They don't need to. They are clearly much smarter than the people whose background checks prevent them getting real jobs and end up at the TSA. The head of the Israeli security force states that he can easily get enough explosives through our StripSearch scanners to blow up a 737. Now that makes me feel better!
So how on earth can these things possibly make us safer? They can't and they don't. They just give the unimaginative, can't-get-a-better-job government workers the opportunity to fleece us again, as the sheep they think we are. And anyone who is willing to give up his liberty for a bit of temporary safety, according to B. Franklin, deserves neither liberty nor safety, and will soon lose both.

Thank God for the good citizens of New Jersey.

It is particularly disheartening to think that with all the millions of dollars we pour into the salaries of our elected legislators, that the “strip search” (SS) represents their best thinking and delivers the best value for our dollar. Because, if that level of invasive inspection is truly the only way that they can manage to protect us from passengers wearing explosives beneath their clothing, with all the expensive degradation and costly humiliation of the people whose taxes pay the salaries of the perpetrators, even though it has been proven that it still can’t detect every dangerous substance that might be smuggled aboard an aircraft, then for far less than what it costs for the thousands of these machines with six-figure price tags making government employee-investors rich, disrobing before boarding the flight and dressing after debarking would be far cheaper; yet, no more degrading or humiliating - and certainly no more unconstitutional.

It worked in Europe in 1944; it can work again. We've all seen the pictures, the people all lined up, stripped of their dignity while submitting themselves to be exposed to the questionable science of the State, helpless to defend their children screaming from fear; and now, maybe we can relate to what that might have felt like, to whatever degree. Truly a horror that no one should have to endure; at least that had not already been proven to have committed some crime deserving of such abuse.

And it would also be much faster, allowing for better efficiencies in the system. For as we all know, time is money. So if the government is genuinely looking to trim costs, they could handily fire 80% of the TSA, or perhaps, disband it all together, saving millions of dollars in salaries; cancel the orders for the x-ray scanners, and make flying a lot more attractive in the process - at least for some of the populace. The jobs lost in the TSA and the scanner industry would easily be replaced by the increased hiring of airline attendants to maintain the crowds. And, as we all know, industry makes money; government simply spends it.

Virgin Airlines would take on a whole new meaning. And that old airline, the one with “Trans” in their name, well they might also see an unexpected come-back opportunity. And for those that have a problem with the "inconvenience", there could be a new airline: FlyUndressed (FU), Their slogan: "Grin and Bare It". Imagine the fun, when asked "How will you get there?", in responding loudly, "FU!" with a grin on your face, as you, in the face of gross, degrading, dehumanizing, traumatizing, Fourth Amendment-mocking "inconvenience",  prepare to bare it.

It seems that some of our neighbors view our clowning around with the level of respect it deserves.

And the best part of all, no Muslims, for religious reasons, would ever board an American flight again. And after all, seriously ...isn’t that what we really want to feel safe, since we all know that no native born American has ever bombed a plane? And that every bomber felt compelled by the teachings in the Koran? And this certainly isn't xenophobic since, other than the writings of John Q. Adams and Winston Churchill, no one really ever expressed a problem with Muslims. The facts are the facts and just stand on their own merits.

If the humiliation, degradation and abrogation of the Fourth Amendment Rights of American citizens, by subjecting everyone of the millions who fly to likely damaging x-rays, to find even one terrorist, is supposedly worth the “inconvenience”, declared necessary to assure safety because the TSA can't come up with anything better, then the humiliation, degradation and abrogation of the Fourth Amendment Rights of Muslims would be deservedly worth it as well. The biggest difference in effectiveness would lie in the fact that no American born in this country has ever bombed a domestic flight. Conversely, every actual bombing attempt has been made by individuals who claim that Mohammad and the Koran supported and instructed them to do so. Janet Napolitano could certainly not object to it since she thinks that giving up your rights, while being degraded and humiliated by the "inconvenience", is necessary for safety. And most of all, the probability of the effectiveness of providing "safety-by-strip search" with this technique would rise so dramatically, it might likely be called fool-proof. And right now, the American citizen needs protection from fools more than ever before in our history.

If Barack Obama thinks that the American people should do this thing, then he and the First Family should lead us by example and demonstrate how to do this without sacrificing personal dignity, rights and constitutional protection while simultaneously undergoing radiation that too many experts have called dangerous. We should see on YouTube, Barack, Michelle and their two lovely daughters show us how safe the scanners are and how tolerant they are of the 'inconvenience' of the 'enhanced pat-down'. We should have the encouragement of a video of his face and that of Michelle as their groins are probed, her breasts and genitals probed, groped and manipulated. Then we could watch their reactions as a TSA worker, whose background is not as assured as someone working in WalMart, manually digests their little girls bodies, every part, to prove that those young ladies are not intent on detroying themselves, their parents and fellow passengers, as we know little girls can sometimes do. Well, little Muslim girls,,,wearing vests have done it.

And, if The Firsts were to show this degree of leadership, then we would all surely understand how willing he is to be a real leader, leading by example of what he thinks we should all do. We would then understand he wants us to willingly surrender our Constitutional Protections and health concerns for a measure of the appearance of safety, which our allies have called foolish, ineffective and unnecessary. Then we would know him for the leader he really is. And in that regard, we would be truly safer:

forewarned is forearmed.
But that would require a greater degree of honesty than one might find in the White House, TSA, or Washington, for that matter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA pats down a screaming toddler : The Mommy Files


TSA pats down a screaming toddler : The Mommy Files

Muslims have been known to strap bombs to their children. So it would be , at least, understandable if the child appeared to be Muslim. Horrible, but understandable since it’s been done before.

But no American children have been used in this way yet.

White House misconstrued scientists' position on drilling moratorium, report finds


White House misconstrued scientists' position on drilling moratorium, report finds

The oil spill that damaged the Gulf of Mexico's reefs and wetlands is also threatening to stain the Obama administration's reputation for relying on science to guide policy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Opinion | One and done: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012

An editorial in The Washington Post by Democrat pollsters.
Obama himself once said to Diane Sawyer: "I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president." He now has the chance to deliver on that idea.

The tone of the article is to redeem his presidency and reconcile the nation to heal its ills by limiting its exposure to the cause of harm; in this case, his poor judgement. Yet all of his tone, demeanor and action to date has suggested that this would be hugely out of character. He has done several things that make him memorable, yet acquiescing to reason and decency would not likely be one of them. To name a few:
  • Garnering a Nobel Prize for nothing accomplished.
  • Receiving the majority of votes for the Presidency based, again, on nothing that he did. It was his parents' doing that gave him the genes of a black man, which beyond his control, made him the first black president.
  • He managed to get elected to the Presidency without ever having to prove his eligibility to do so.
  • He managed to obscure everything of any consequence in his past, attributed to his name.
  • He managed to use two different names, two different nationalities and citizenships and passports, without ever having to prove which one was currently active when he entered the White House. 
  • Likely, the first to cup his groin rather than put his hand over his heart, like everyone around him, when singing the National Anthem.
  • The first president to be given an American flag lapel pin by a US combat soldier because, up to that point, even as their Commander in Chief, he didn't want to wear one.
  • The first president to humiliate the office by bowing to foreign heads of state; discriminatorily, though, as he failed to do so when he met the Queen of England, to whom he was also a first in returning a gift, yet one of our closest allies and, curiously, the only white monarch encountered in his travels.
  • The first President to snub the Veterans at their traditional gala to celebrate a new president.
  • Of all the Senators, he is the only one who repeatedly, in four separate votes, decided that if an infant miraculously survived the murderous attempts of an abortionist, as condoned by the child's mother, to end its nascent life, that it would be wrong for hospital staff to attempt to help the little victim live beyond the miracle of its birth; a birth, despite the hostility of the doctor and parent.
If he can't see how utter foul and evil this vote of his was, how would we reasonably expect him to care if the United States of America, no longer in its infancy, was able to carry on after his murderous attempts to end its life, even if not intentionally so. After all, there are a few other countries that would likely have him back, should this one ultimately become as inhospitable to him as an abortionist's chop shop.

Opinion | One and done: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012