Friday, December 17, 2010

From USA Today


Winter storm brings snow, ice to Southeast, Mid-Atlantic

December 2010 highs and lows

Thursday's forecast: Winter storms for Southwest, Mid-Atlantic

Scientists: Polar bears could be saved if global warming slows

5 die in crashes as icy storm sweeps through Southeast

Tornado hits small Ore. town; no serious injuries

This is just too funny: Scientists think that if global warming were to subside, the Polar Bears will have a chance. It seems that the “scientists” just need to subscribe to USA Today to alleviate their fears. The above headlines are all in one day’s publication.

With the obvious solution resting in the migration of polar bears to Atlanta and Raleigh, however, these headlines might be more noteworthy in the Real Estate section. Housing prices in the South may have a “crisis” all their own, when “that type” moves into the neighborhood.

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