Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Robert M. McDowell: The FCC's Threat to Internet Freedom - WSJ.com

As strikingly as the federal Government brings simplicity, functionality, profitability  and ease of use to things like the Postal Service, Social Security and the IRS, so it lays it’s facile paws on the fastest growing segment of the economy, the Internet. Where there is no crisis, the Administration needs to create one from whole cloth as justification for smashing the adage ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. And as they have done to healthcare, where there was no crisis, only limited access due to Federal regulations that prevented profitability concurrent with reduced rates by selling policies across state lines, so the Internet will now get to surrender the glory of the American dream of free enterprise to the mucking maw of the Federal Government's inability to get it right.

And, honestly, what politician really stands a chance of making as much or more income than he does as a politician, legitimately, in business-for-self? That’s why they have so much fun playing with other people’s money. 'Win some, lose some' is the adage to which they truly do subscribe in Washington, Because whether they win or lose, they still come out the same. It wasn't their loss to begin with.
The day that America wins will be when we have rid ourselves of the politicians who think that the American Dream is a 'control' nightmare… for those who dream of controlling everything we do in our lives, cradle to grave. And that mentality, so core to the liberal ideal, is the antithesis of the American Dream. When the qualities that made America great will thrive once more will be when D.C. has been rid of what's making America sick: Liberals' need to control and abolish all that they fear, which appears to be, primarily, the freedom of other people to do as they see fit, in the Pursuit Of their idea of Happiness.
The FCC's Threat to Internet Freedom - WSJ.com

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