Friday, December 17, 2010

Revamping of airport checkpoint system urged

Experts agree: With all of the billions of dollars spent on airport security technology, in lieu of intelligence, none of those expenditures has thwarted a single terrorist. It is clear, if investing in proven results makes any sense at all, that the Federal Government should be investing heavily in intelligent, alert passengers and inept terrorists. These are the responsible parties for nullifying the last several attempts to wreak havoc in the civilized world.

Perhaps it is now time for the civilized world to focus on terrorists and not everything but terrorists.They do have unique packaging: always visible, always discernable and, to those not afflicted in the area of intelligent discernment, faithful followers of the teachings of Islam. Maybe we should invest billions in intelligent people who are capable of distinguishing a swarthy middle eastern Muslim male from an 83 year old, invalid Baptist grandma.

In every known recent attempt, terrorists have used a different tactic to evade the latest technology at airport checkpoints, only to be thwarted by information unearthed through intelligence work - or by alert passengers in flight.

The result is an emerging consensus among experts and lawmakers that the checkpoint-heavy approach - searching nearly every passenger - may not be the most effective.

Instead, many of them say, the system should focus more urgently on individuals, gathering a greater range of information about people to identify those most likely to present a real danger. ~ Washington Post

With unemployment as high as it is, those brilliant individuals necessary to accomplish this task are likely to found just about anywhere… except at the TSA.

.Revamping of airport checkpoint system urged

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