Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Obama: Americans Don’t View Him as Success

Fo’ reeeal, Mr. President. The American people do indeed feel as if Washington politicians, otherwise known as “the employed”, do not represent the people, otherwise known as “the employer”. We believe that “the focus needs to change to the needs of everyday people".

What has become alarmingly apparent though is that, after two years, you are incapable of bringing about that change, since most of the feeling of failure 'sensed' by the people is rooted in your own indifference to the will of the people and your continued and repeated disrespect to the Constitution, the document in which our belief that you work for us resides. The very document you swore an oath to defend. We do, in fact, believe that you are over your skis. And clearly, you do too. Especially when you call upon a former disgraced president, Bill Clinton, to do your job because you can't. What more proof do we need to see (seeing is believing) that even you “sense”that you’re not successful? At least we agree on something.

But the real question for me?
"Is it truly failure when you were never capable of doing the job in the first place? Can an infant actually "fail" at driving a car?"
"Can Pee Wee's Playhouse 'fail' at being the White House?"
Probably not. Success was never possible. The real failure is on the part of the people, in that some of us elected you to a job for which you are clearly unqualified and for which you offered no proof that you were ever able to do in the first place. And the rest of us let it happen. Shame on us.

So don't feel so badly Barry. Even if you can't be a success, despite the audacity of your hope, at least you recognize failure when you see it in the mirror.

 Obama: Americans Don’t View Him as Success

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