Sunday, October 12, 2008

Biden Deserves Better Than That!

Reading so much in the news of late regarding Sarah Palin, it occurs to me that Joe Biden has become conspicuous by his absence. In the news that is. No one mentions his name unless, as if he were a toilet plunger being used to break up a clog in the plumbing, it is connected to some attempt to malign Palin.

After all, this is the Presidential election, not the Vice presidential election. But then, we don't have one of those. Yet it would certainly appear that if we did, Palin would be more noticed than Biden. At times it would seem as if the present election is between Obama and Palin. I wonder what that means.

Biden has certainly been around long enough, being an old school mainstay from way back that you would think that if not the MSM, at least his supporters would have something to say about the man. Understand that in the Vice Presidential Debate, Joe himself said that Barak wouldn't make any foreign policy decisions without consulting him first. Clearly, Obama recognizes that he can't be the arbiter of change unless he can verify what he's changing from. And if anyone has an insider view of the way it was, it would most definitely be Joe.

So out of respect for all the history of his being a part of how we got where we are, we should certainly try to remember that it’s not fair to ignore Joe Biden. Otherwise it’s starting to look as if Obama is running against Palin and that appears to unjustly demean the stature of the Democrat candidate.