Monday, January 31, 2011

Obamacare: ‘Crime Against Democracy’ – Patriot Update.

This reply was found in a forum on the Patriot Update. I thought it was most illuminating.

“Adding 30+ million people to our medical system is akin to bringing the entire country of Canada (34 million) into our system. Leave all the doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharma, labs, etc. in Canada, just bring all the patients down. Then get on TV and tell the American public it’s a much better plan, and you’re going to love it! What a loser we have in Washington.”
Obamacare: ‘Crime Against Democracy’ – Patriot Update

Particularly Amusing

Once I read that the humor lies in the truth of the thing, humorously portrayed. That being said (typed?), I read this just now and it tickled my funny bone.
" can only possibly have been discovered by a conservative unworried by liberal health and safety regulations. Moreover, by learning to cook meat, Early man made it more digestible, meaning he had more energy available to develop not only his “brawnpower” but his brainpower. If Homo Liberalis had gotten his way, fire would have been banned as a dangerous substance, and we’d still be living in the trees, chewing natural, healthy, raw vegetables, burping contentedly, and being ruled by a loud, gossipy matriarchy of Oprahs and Streisands."

At midterm, Obama tries can-do slogan, details TBD - WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL |

Obama’s new, fetching slogan is only part of the inspirational motivator. His “Winning The Future” mantra left out the rest of the phrase “from those that stole it in the first place”.

No wonder his party distrusts him. He’s finally onto the problem and is, at least, pretending to want to do something about. After all, according to the Nobel Committee, ‘only wanting’ to do something is as prize worthy as actually being able to succeed.

Accordingly, "a winning slogan" ,indeed.

At midterm, Obama tries can-do slogan, details TBD - WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL |

Live-Blog: Crisis In Egypt : The Two-Way : NPR

Just a year ago, Obama was in Egypt praising what they do, have done, and how well they’re doing it. all for the betterment and enlightenment of the world, setting the example all the way.

One wonders if he isn’t a bit anxious as of late.


Live-Blog: Crisis In Egypt : The Two-Way : NPR

Beheading suspect: Wife had my unconditional love | | Poughkeepsie Journal


What’s not to like???


Beheading suspect: Wife had my unconditional love | | Poughkeepsie Journal

Saturday, January 29, 2011

ACLU, feds coordinated attack on Arizona crackdown on illegals

If you ever thought that Eric Holder and the Obama administration had anything like integrity and honor as a code to follow, this should certainly dispel that myth. Outright collusion with the ACLU is not that for which our taxes should be paid.

"This is a matter of America's sovereignty and security, and every patriotic American must get involved," said Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center.

The organization, a national, public-interest law firm in Michigan, filed a brief in support of Arizona's law.

"If we can't defend our borders from attack by illegal immigrants, in time we will lose our country," Thompson said. "What confidence should we have in an attorney general who, without even reading the law, accused Arizona of racial profiling? Patriotic Americans must show they stand with Arizona in this matter."

ACLU, feds coordinated attack on Arizona crackdown on illegals

Friday, January 28, 2011

As Egypt Clashes Continue, Fear of Islamists Paralyzes the U.S. - TIME

After having gone to Egypt to praise the goodness and peacefulness of the Egyptian Muslims rooted in their Islamic faith as commanded by “the Holy Koran”, why on earth would Barack Obama fear that they would be anything other than good and peaceful?

As Egypt Clashes Continue, Fear of Islamists Paralyzes the U.S. - TIME

It's cold out there, even for hardy New Englanders -


MONTPELIER, Vt. — Train equipment froze, cars sputtered, schools canceled classes and cold-weather enthusiasts opted to stay inside Monday as a bitter blast of below-zero temperatures with promises of minus-50 wind chills gripped the Northeast.

The gasp-inducing cold tested the mettle even of New Englanders, who pride themselves on winter hardiness.

In Providence, it dipped to minus 1 early Monday, the first below-zero reading there in six years, the National Weather Service said.


When a planet is warming, there’s really no escape from it. Record breaking cold is about the best indicator of critical warming that there is, according to a consensus of scientists.

When you think about it, “science” is the methodical study of those things of which we are ignorant. Therefore, without ignorance, there is no use for science – it has no purpose beyond relieving ignorance. Therefore, to be a scientist, one must first profess sufficient ignorance to decide to devote one’s life to its absolution. So when we take a “consensus of scientists”, what we’re actually doing is polling the greatest number of those so sufficiently curious about their ignorance that they’ve devoted their lives to it and, as the most consciously aware of their ignorance among us, we should be making decisions according to their latest discovery. And hopefully before they discover that their ‘discovery’ was ignorantly informed and, subsequently, proven to be wrong.

Now that does sound reasonable.

Or we could simply look for proof before making profound declarations.

It's cold out there, even for hardy New Englanders -

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Northeast recovers from wet, heavy snowstorm - Politics -


“…the snowiest month in New York in more than 85 years.”

I was going to say something about the… you know…global toastiness thing…but….nah.

Northeast recovers from wet, heavy snowstorm - Politics -

10 states now developing eligibility proof-demands

Not until I read that ten states were inspired to establish laws requiring a presidential candidate to swear under penalty of perjury and show documented proof of eligibility did I ever think of Barack Obama as being inspirational.
10 states now developing eligibility proof-demands

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hawaii Won't Release Obama's Birth Info -

Is it really a “conspiracy” to want to see something that no one has ever proven to have seen when it’s existence is essential to the legitimacy of the President of The United States?

In this instance, the governor of Hawaii never said he ever saw the document he declared to set out to find. And his spokesperson calls those that question that which the seeker never claims to have found to be conspirators. That, in itself, sounds like a conspiracy to me.

Hawaii Won't Release Obama's Birth Info -

Friday, January 21, 2011

Android is in trouble

It seems that many lines of code in Android are identical to code in Sun/Oracle's JAVA, Oracle is suing. Maybe that why the shakeup at Google. Poor judgment resulting in yet another stupid move.

HTC is ramping up to make more phones based on Android, perhaps only to find that, down the road,  there is an injunction blocking their sales unless a steep royalty is paid. Could this concern cause consumers to delay a purchase or perhaps, make a different choice altogether? Much like the near-death experience that RIM faced with the patent breach with the Blackberry, when a federal judge was prepared to block all B.Berry use in the US at midnight of the proscribed date. And he meant to do it, too.  Too bad RIM didn’t pay the piper when his fee was tiny, rather than resist until it became a full-blown marching band. And that could be the straw that breaks the camel's back in a competitive smart phone market where companies like Apple are about to find that they've arrived at the steep face of the mountain they set out to own. Now they have to climb it.

But that's just my opinion.
Now we get to see where the bets fall.

BBC News - Tony Blair 'deeply and profoundly regrets' Iraq dead

"And this is not because we have done something. At some point - and I say this to you with all the passion I possibly can - the West has got to get out of what I think is this wretched policy, or posture, of apology for believing that we are causing what the Iranians are doing, or what these extremists are doing. The fact is we are not.
"The fact is they are doing it because they disagree fundamentally with our way of life and they will carry on doing it unless they are met with the requisite determination and, if necessary, force."
Tony Blair gets it: Obama and his policy needs to go. And if Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii is right, there is no birth certificate in the world that will prevent his removal from office if the Supreme court does the right and just thing in the matter. So far, the head of the Elections Board for the state and their governor are right. There is no birth certificate in Hawaii for Barack Obama.

BBC News - Tony Blair 'deeply and profoundly regrets' Iraq dead

Here Comes $4 Gas, $5 Cups of Coffee - Newsweek

Or we could tap into the largest oil reserves known to man, all of which is in the US.
This is not rocket science or geological science. It's Political Science. And some people just aren't willing to be all that scientific. Such an attitude has always preceded natural extinctions as the "good ol' days" are about to commit suicide.

Here Comes $4 Gas, $5 Cups of Coffee - Newsweek

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DA: Pa. had ‘utter disregard’ for abortion-seekers -

Utter disregard is always the operand when killing a human by aborting it from  it’s mother’s womb is the subject of consideration.
Humans should always be treated as if they were created by God; whether it’s a woman seeking help or a child whose very existence depends on its mother the way the mother was dependant on her own mother.
Humans always deserve respect, regardless of what they have already accomplished or have yet to do so.
No one has a right to deny another the right to a life, even if they depend on you for their very existence.
In some civilized countries it is illegal to fail to stop at the scene of an auto accident.
Humans always deserve repsect.
To fail to do so should always be viewed as criminal.

DA: Pa. had ‘utter disregard’ for abortion-seekers -

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's In A Word

What's in a word. The term "abortion" gets used so much that it has become common place in everyday speech and somewhere along the way, lost it's powerful meaning. When it happens in business, people get fired. It's typically indicative of a situation having gotten as bad as one can get.
So I decided to look it up on the website, Here's what I found under the heading for "Abortion":

Main Entry: failure

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: lack of success

Synonyms: abortion , bankruptcy, bomb, botch, breakdown, bungle, bust, checkmate, collapse, decay, decline, defeat, deficiency, deficit, deterioration, downfall, failing, false step, faux pas, fiasco, flash in the pan, flop, frustration, implosion, inadequacy, lead balloon, lemon, loser, loss, mess, misadventure, miscarriage, misstep, nonperformance, nonsuccess, overthrow, rout, rupture, sinking ship, stalemate, stoppage, total loss, turkey, washout, wreck

Antonyms: accomplishment, achievement, attainment, earnings, gain, merit, success, win

As we struggle through life trying to make it work, sometimes we need help along the way. Sometimes we go to those we trust to seek counsel and advice. If you were going to ask a trusted individual, in whom you had a measure of confidence, for advice on a matter that you felt was pretty serious in your life, whose outcome could have a lasting effect for many years to come and, should the wrong choice be made, might dictate a future filled with years of regret, how would you want to see yourself as viewed in the light of your decision? Looking at the definition and it synonyms as contrasted by the antonyms, I think its pretty clear how most people would choose. Then, there are those who have abandoned the idea that actions -choices- have consequences. Some refuse to take responsibility for their actions and seek support and comfort where they can find it. I believe that too many have found that comfort in being identified as one whose decisions result in things like abortion , bankruptcy, bomb, botch, breakdown, bungle, bust, checkmate, collapse, decay, decline, defeat, deficiency, deficit, deterioration, downfall, failing, false step, faux pas, fiasco, flash in the pan, flop, frustration, implosion, inadequacy, lead balloon, lemon, loser, loss, mess, misadventure, miscarriage, misstep, nonperformance, nonsuccess, overthrow, rout, rupture, sinking ship, stalemate, stoppage, total loss, turkey, washout, wreck. Too many get this advice from organizations like planned Parenthood which offer failure as the action to which their clients should most closely identify. That is, is the thesaurus and dictionary haven't lost all value in a society that has progressed more towards Alice's Wonderland than Thomas More's Utopia. Never underestimate what people will do for money. Never be shocked at how our country suffers from people who have abandoned any sense of value in themselves because those in whom they place their trust have failed them, as people, so miserably. Never be surprised that Planned Parenthood has found a rich and fertile marketplace in the poorer communities throughout America.
Planned Parenthood hasn't grown to raise the self-view of the poor.It has come to enrich itself, capitalizing on those who would agree that their lives are an abortion. planned parenthood just encourages them to continue to believe it.
American taxpayers financially support an organization that perpetuates failure in society by perpetuating choices that can only be defined, in dictionary terms, as "failure", synonymous with "abortion". Not all doctors went to med school to help others. Some just went there for the money.

Monday, January 17, 2011

By Dictatorial Order

Mr. Obama pays no attention to the majority of the voters. By using EXECUTIVE ORDERS, he will go around Members of the United States Congress---both Republican and Democrat,
according to an article by the United States Justice Foundation. He doesn't need your opinion or approval anymore than he thinks he's employed by you to preside over a capitalistic, democratic republic.

His behavior would suggest he is here to destroy it,
either by design or through incompetence.

Barack Obama: a genuine "Dictator"

Obama Scraps 'Virtual Fence' for Border

Could it be that, as the citizens rail against the dismissal of their rights, the TSA has found a new home for the irradiating scanners: the Mexican border!?!
Brava Janet! Brava!
Obama Scraps 'Virtual Fence' for Border

Monday, January 10, 2011

Obama's State Dept. Removes Mother, Father From Passports

How do you get the people to accept and then want a State controlled life? By first eliminating any other family connections.  This is most easily done by devaluing life through at-will child-killing by getting you to think its a good thing to authorize a doctor to kill your unborn child. This devalues life, even that of your child while desensitizing you from caring about all other life. If you can give up your child to the hands of one who would, for money, kill it, then what would keep you from agreeing to the deaths of anyone else for the sake of the "common good" most often rooted in The Three C's: convenience, comfort and cost. And if you don’t care about your own flesh and blood in the form of your child, it’s a lot easier to dump your feelings for parents and siblings as well. Presto! No more family and "family issues" and those messy "family feelings".

Next, declare the cost of caring for your family to be in a “crisis” state. Then declare the State to be the party responsible for eliminating your crisis-fueled anxiety and dilemma, sharing the load by making everyone, i.e. the State, responsible for your happiness. This is easily done by carefully, strategically and persistently changing the ground rules. Obama masterfully does this by seeming to recite the Constitution while actually misquoting it. Unless you do your own research or have it committed to memory, you might not notice that what he is doing is taking away authorship of your life from you and God and replacing it with the State. Suddenly, your happiness becomes a  State -granted right rather than the pursuit of that happiness being the right which was granted by God. It has now become the happiness which is to be administered, rather than protected by the State. Once they’ve firmly established and accepted that the State is responsible for your happiness, then you have given them the authority do determine what level of happiness your life merits.

Voila! Allow me to present to you the goals of...

The Obama Administration!

Giffird and Palin. Who's to Blame?

Now the press is suggesting that the graphics used in a political strategy map on Palin's website might have inspired the attack on Ms. Gifford as she met with her constituents in a supermarket parking lot.

Think about it, sanely, for a moment.

"Set a target", "Hit the target", phrases commonly used in sales meetings, bankers meetings and children's hospital planning committees. Now picture what that phrase would look like graphically.

"Set your sights", Now picture what "your sights" looks like as a graphic.

"Attack the problems" now visualize an attack as an image.

"Walk softly and carry a big stick", the famous quote of the famous liberal, T. Roosevelt, as it was decided to change the name of the Progressive Party to the Bullmoose Party so as to obscure the socialist nature of the party as it was. Now imagine how the "big stick" could ever be used to an advantage. That's right. It only works when you club someone with it, using physical harm to force them to submit to your will.

Since ultimately, no law or government has any power beyond its ability to inflict physical harm through weaponry of some sort (even incarceration requires the use of weaponry to be successful), to speak in terms that reflect that truth, inherent in political rhetoric for a very long time (ask King George III about how that works out) should shock no one of any maturity or honest character that is willing and able to understand the very nature of political dominion:
Those that win set the rules for those that object.
It's called Democracy and those who live under one simply agree to abide by the rules. But every now and then, someone decides that the rules no longer apply to him. Some decide that they are above the rules; that the rules are for others to follow.
This has nothing to do with the rhetoric and everything to do with the character or mental state of the individual.

So we shouldn’t forfeit our own maturity while giving in to the easy and obvious reaction as to blame the weapon for the intention in the heart of the killer. Without the weapon and its imagery, there would be no rule of law. As one of the brilliant thinkers behind the intent of the Constitution noted,

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Thomas Jefferson

Friday, January 07, 2011

Parent One, Parent Two to replace references to mother, father on passport forms

"The State Department has decided to make U.S. passport application forms "gender neutral" by removing references to mother and father, officials said, in favor of language that describes one's parentage somewhat less tenderly. "

Somewhat “less tenderly” and a lot less accurately. First there is the repeal of DADT, where military personnel can now be “openly gay” while in service. What on earth could that possibly be? Does that mean that the parade of tanks will now include a float of confused men in pink camo? Will the PFC kiss his lieutenant when sent off into combat? Somehow, "openly gay" in a military setting just seems like an oxymoron. Gay in the military should be unknown unless the soldier is being sexually demonstrative, which is already inappropriate and not allowed. So how, under such existing guidelines can "open gayness" be expressed? The next year should prove most illuminating if not perversely entertaining. But without this first step of national acceptance the "gay marriage" will have a very step hill to climb. And so, repeal DADT and now it's just another step in the program of capitulation for anyone who is accurately cognizant enough to see "gay marriage" for what it is: a counterfeit, being foisted on the majority of the public by the minority of the emotionally misaligned .

The gay agenda can never advance at all without, first, the removal of truthful accuracy in favor of euphemisms that camouflage the truth. Accurately, the 'gayness' of gays isn't really gay at all. It's a lot more like 'bitter, vindictive, spiteful, jealous and bitchy' than 'happy, glad, joyful, mirthful and pleasant'. The anti-social decay and destructive hatred of self and society, which is the hallmark of the gay movement, becomes way too obvious to be accepted by any society that isn’t already so inebriated that it no longer cares what is going where. The 'in-your-face' revolting character of the 'Pride' festivals makes that all too obvious. How could anyone feel true pride in being singled out -no- singling oneself out as a freak? Pride in being a freak is nothing short of an Alice in Wonderland experience of 'up is down, black is white, in is out' opposition to the truth of the matter. Without euphemistic denial of the truth, all would be plain and homosexuality would be viewed as the aberration that it is.

So now we need a State Department that is afraid to admit that, without a mother and a father, a human can’t come into being. "Parent One and Parent Two" implies that some dodo thinks two men or two women are actually capable of producing offspring. A complete denial of the biological scientific truth, yet they will be the first to complain that Creationism isn’t scientific truth. Those that are atheistic, that is. Those that claim to be religious must first deny the truth of their religious scripture, substituting fantasy, before they can proceed to deceive themselves about the just rewards for their chosen behavior, if not, for them, their normal mental state.

I am, once again, reminded of the telling Reagan quote:

"We're at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. It has been said that if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours,  history will record with the greatest astonishment, that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening."R. Reagan
Parent One, Parent Two to replace references to mother, father on passport forms

Why Do Liberals Want Conservative Mexicans to Vote?

Looking over the heads of the multitudes that might obscure the view, one can see the force behind this whole agenda of amnesty, for those in this country illegally, is one whom some claim is in this country illegally. Amnesty for one illegal alien is amnesty for all. Somewhere I recall reading that the moral compass of the Mexican immigrant, regardless his legal standing, is more conservative than liberal. They tend to give birth rather than hire a doctor to kill their unborn child. Neither would ‘gay marriage’ sit well within their ethnic community. The liberal’s notion that they are increasing the liberal vote by opening the doors to historically conservative aliens might be a blindness rather than a vision. And since this awareness of the tendency for Mexicans to think (and likely vote) conservatively has already been postulated and discussed in blogs and editorials, why would a liberal administration want to push for their amnesty? Why would the Administration, at the direction of the President, sue the State of Arizona for trying to block the flow of foreign nationals from invading their land?

It's Like Magic!
 Is it because amnesty granted for the multitudes would also be amnesty granted for The One?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bomb hits Egypt church at New Year's Mass, 21 dead -

The New Year’s message from Islam: “In the name of peaceful relations we will kill you all!” At least that’s the message we get from any Muslim who is doing anything publicly. And denouncing these barbaric actions is not forthcoming in any significant way from "the “peaceful Muslims”

As Islam grows, non-Muslims die. America should expect the same as this practice is centuries old wherever this primitive cult is allowed to flourish with no sign of changing. Europe is rife with it.

Get rid of Islam or expect a violent end.

at New Year's Mass, 21 dead -