Friday, January 07, 2011

Why Do Liberals Want Conservative Mexicans to Vote?

Looking over the heads of the multitudes that might obscure the view, one can see the force behind this whole agenda of amnesty, for those in this country illegally, is one whom some claim is in this country illegally. Amnesty for one illegal alien is amnesty for all. Somewhere I recall reading that the moral compass of the Mexican immigrant, regardless his legal standing, is more conservative than liberal. They tend to give birth rather than hire a doctor to kill their unborn child. Neither would ‘gay marriage’ sit well within their ethnic community. The liberal’s notion that they are increasing the liberal vote by opening the doors to historically conservative aliens might be a blindness rather than a vision. And since this awareness of the tendency for Mexicans to think (and likely vote) conservatively has already been postulated and discussed in blogs and editorials, why would a liberal administration want to push for their amnesty? Why would the Administration, at the direction of the President, sue the State of Arizona for trying to block the flow of foreign nationals from invading their land?

It's Like Magic!
 Is it because amnesty granted for the multitudes would also be amnesty granted for The One?

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