Monday, January 10, 2011

Obama's State Dept. Removes Mother, Father From Passports

How do you get the people to accept and then want a State controlled life? By first eliminating any other family connections.  This is most easily done by devaluing life through at-will child-killing by getting you to think its a good thing to authorize a doctor to kill your unborn child. This devalues life, even that of your child while desensitizing you from caring about all other life. If you can give up your child to the hands of one who would, for money, kill it, then what would keep you from agreeing to the deaths of anyone else for the sake of the "common good" most often rooted in The Three C's: convenience, comfort and cost. And if you don’t care about your own flesh and blood in the form of your child, it’s a lot easier to dump your feelings for parents and siblings as well. Presto! No more family and "family issues" and those messy "family feelings".

Next, declare the cost of caring for your family to be in a “crisis” state. Then declare the State to be the party responsible for eliminating your crisis-fueled anxiety and dilemma, sharing the load by making everyone, i.e. the State, responsible for your happiness. This is easily done by carefully, strategically and persistently changing the ground rules. Obama masterfully does this by seeming to recite the Constitution while actually misquoting it. Unless you do your own research or have it committed to memory, you might not notice that what he is doing is taking away authorship of your life from you and God and replacing it with the State. Suddenly, your happiness becomes a  State -granted right rather than the pursuit of that happiness being the right which was granted by God. It has now become the happiness which is to be administered, rather than protected by the State. Once they’ve firmly established and accepted that the State is responsible for your happiness, then you have given them the authority do determine what level of happiness your life merits.

Voila! Allow me to present to you the goals of...

The Obama Administration!

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