Friday, January 28, 2011

It's cold out there, even for hardy New Englanders -


MONTPELIER, Vt. — Train equipment froze, cars sputtered, schools canceled classes and cold-weather enthusiasts opted to stay inside Monday as a bitter blast of below-zero temperatures with promises of minus-50 wind chills gripped the Northeast.

The gasp-inducing cold tested the mettle even of New Englanders, who pride themselves on winter hardiness.

In Providence, it dipped to minus 1 early Monday, the first below-zero reading there in six years, the National Weather Service said.


When a planet is warming, there’s really no escape from it. Record breaking cold is about the best indicator of critical warming that there is, according to a consensus of scientists.

When you think about it, “science” is the methodical study of those things of which we are ignorant. Therefore, without ignorance, there is no use for science – it has no purpose beyond relieving ignorance. Therefore, to be a scientist, one must first profess sufficient ignorance to decide to devote one’s life to its absolution. So when we take a “consensus of scientists”, what we’re actually doing is polling the greatest number of those so sufficiently curious about their ignorance that they’ve devoted their lives to it and, as the most consciously aware of their ignorance among us, we should be making decisions according to their latest discovery. And hopefully before they discover that their ‘discovery’ was ignorantly informed and, subsequently, proven to be wrong.

Now that does sound reasonable.

Or we could simply look for proof before making profound declarations.

It's cold out there, even for hardy New Englanders -

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