Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Catholic League Counters Atheist Billboard With A Differing View

Ponder this: if there were no God, what would an atheist deny? That something that isn't there...isn't there? And yet, this is exactly what the atheist's protest billboards are doing: protesting against the existence of something they say doesn't exist. And they call that "REASON". To me, it seems more than a little strange. I'm not so sure I would say that 'reason' was the dominant force behind the enormous expenditure for a 30 day run on a billboard. They usually cost between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on exposure, duration, economy, etc. for that length of time.

Imagine if they put up a $20,000 a month billboard to protest against all the things that don't exist. There's no proof that Allah exists either. Do you think that the Lamar company would have what it takes to put up a billboard that denied the existence of Allah? They could call it a public service. In New York, Christians put up Christmas trees and drive the single greatest force in the US economy with all the gift giving that Christian love and charity inspire at Christmas. In New York, Muslims are most revered for blowing things up and knocking things down. And being the cause of people dying in the thousands. I think, if the atheists really want to perform a public service they should put up billboards that denounce Islam, Mohammad and Allah. And Buddha and Shiva and a pantheon of gods from around the world. But the God who is celebrated at Christmas gave us our present codes of conduct through ten commandments. To protest Him is pretty much the same as protesting what believers claim He said to them. Since they've singled out the God of the Bible, it would seem that the morality imparted to His people by that God is that which the atheists most resent. Yet history has shown for all time that man, when left to his own devices, seeks to declare a Lord of The Flies to rule over all others. 

The fact is, it isn't at all 'reasonable' to denounce the things that you believe don't exist. The universe if is filled with endless possibility and yet we have no reasonable way to suppose that there is anything beyond what our senses reasonably might tell us.The list of things to deny would be endless and it would take billions of billboards and trillions of dollars to denounce them all. To launch such a protest and denunciation would indeed be most unreasonable.The fact is, the atheists aren't picking on God or anything else that doesn't exist. They're simply, if not obviously, denouncing that which they fear most: the people that do believe in God. Paranoid Thought Police of the worst kind. It is ludicrous and completely illogical to denounce that which is not. However, if you have a deep seated resentment towards people that do believe in a Supreme Almighty, then their festering misery and fear-filled loneliness is suddenly reasonable and expected. Or, at least, understandable.

Some people hate blacks and don't mind manifesting their hatred towards them. Such folk are found in the membership rolls of the Ku Klux Klan. Others hate gays and demonstrate their hatred by brutalizing those who posed no real threat to them, only to their own insecurities about themselves and their own sexuality. Their numbers are among the 'gay bashers'. Atheists are really no different, hating anyone who believes differently than they do... that they themselves are not God and that God alone is God. This, for all of their 'reason', is an intolerable acceptance of Mankind's limitations; for atheists want you -need for you- to stop believing as you do so as to bolster their own ranks, for fear of finding themselves as alone as they already feel. Especially at Christmas. How utterly alienating it must feel to be an atheist, denouncing God, at Christmas. An atheist needs, perhaps for reasons of emotional security, to believe that they are at the top of the chain; that there is nothing above them. Fear, perhaps. Jealousy, maybe. And they'll spend tens of thousands of dollars a month to try to get you to stop believing the things that they don't or can't believe in. Knowing that there is great emotional security rooted in the adage "there is strength in numbers", they would appear to need to increase their flock in an effort to bolster what appears to be their own sense of weakness and vulnerability. Just because they don't or can't believe. They do believe that they are at the pinnacle of reason, exemplary of all mankind. They believe that their superior understanding of reality should dominate the thought processes of everyone else and they have no compunction in so declaring. After all, it's only reasonable that they do so. And any reasonable observer would see the Lord Of The Flies in action: "Kill all that is not like yourself, for your own safety -your very existence- depends on it."

Well, if there really is no Supreme Being, and the atheists are so sure about it, and they really do want to improve things on this planet for the betterment of mankind, then they really should, for the sake of their own integrity, go after the largest and fastest growing group of people influenced by such nonsense as 'belief in the spiritual'.
And that group, of course, would be Muslims.

If the atheists have any shred of honesty or integrity at all, they would let the believers in Allah know just how fake they, the atheists, influenced by reason, think that he, Allah, really is. Or isn't, as the case may be. Ramadan might be a good time to start.

Or are they, as any reasonable observer would readily assess, simply lacking miserably in the courage of their conviction?  Are they really as weak and afraid as they would appear? My guess is, they probably are just that afraid. Those perceived to be sheep are a much easier target than wolves. These are the people that, if they weren't too afraid to, out of sheer loneliness, would be jumping off bridges. These people have a philosophy that credits them nothing for the supreme effort necessary to be truly good in a world where goodness in underrated and under appreciated. But in inasmuch as they only protest against one God, and no others, it becomes so much clearer that the thing they fear the most is that He actually does, exist. And that's why they don't just go and jump off a bridge. That overwhelming, crippling terror that they might in fact, be wrong. If almost all of the greatest intellects that ever inhabited this place think that there is a God, what great powers of reason might an atheist possess that would defy not only those greatest intellects of all time, but God Himself?

Yes, they are surely, just that afraid. And in the end, all of their poorly reasoned expenditures on costly billboards is nothing more than that: poorly reasoned expenditures. Railing against God won't make Him go away. Denouncing people who believe in Him, won't make Him or them go away. Purchasing billboards to deny the existence of something that you claim doesn't exist is the silliest way to deplete one's resources that any reasonable person could possibly imagine.

May they all enjoy the benefit of a Joy-filled Christmas celebration of Hope for Mankind, even if it is no more than to be blessed with being surrounded by people who do know the truth and, therefore, will keep them safe and secure, despite their fear-filled loneliness.
Merry Christmas!

"Love has reasons which reason cannot understand."
             Blaise Pascal

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