Thursday, November 04, 2010

Likely gridlock in Congress could threaten economy - Yahoo! Finance

It would appear that the all-too-predictable left–leaning press can follow Nancy and Barry’s lead in declaring the firemen who have come to the burning house as being a nuisance, despite how much this country is in a time of need.  Yes, I suppose if you intend to burn the house to the ground, that would be a fair characterization.

If ever I happen to encounter one who is hard on his luck (or her luck, as the case may be) and it would be obvious that giving them money would ease the pain of the moment, I ask myself, “Are they better off with the fish, or should I teach them how to fish?” That is to say, should I further burden them with increased debt for which they have no plan or means to absolve, or should I help them establish conditions that would alleviate the circumstances of their plight and show them a path to sustainable prosperity? Should I give them free access to other people's money, day by day weakening their abilty and drive while increasing their indebtedness, or would they be better off if I helped to create market conditions that allowed them to pull themselves up in a sustainable way with a sense of excitement, rooted in their own future's envisioned prospeirity?

Under the leadership of BHO and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have repeatedly sought to provide the fish while taxing fishing gear beyond affordability with a price tag that would bury our grandchildren in insurmountable debt. And all in the name of “helping”, they seek to dole out even more fish with the result of driving up the cost of fish through inflation. Then there’s the genetically engineered fish that make you feel full but leave you empty so much sooner. And still, the only ready source of fish is the hand that feeds, so no one wants to bite it. No one, that is,  but those Republicans who think they should be signing folks up for some fishing lessons. And, even as the Fed drives a $600 BILLION DOLLAR stake into the heart of recovery, creating holographic currency in the guise of easing the pain, suicide might not be the only solution.

But then, suicide just might appear to be a solution to those Democrats here in Washington State who thought it prudent to pass legislation, a while ago, that would allow for a person, in dire pain, believed by some to be terminal, to proceed to hasten the dying, all for the sake of “dignity”. “Death With Dignity is the call to such cowardice. Honestly, I see no dignity in surrendering to a challenge, even it it is perceived as insurmountable. Pope John Paul II comes to mind, having made that public statement, that life is sacred and worht keeping to the last. He did it, so loudly, through his example at his own passing. Imagine the country this would be if all of those on whom our security rests, were to adopt this moral fortitude as that of the nation.

In recognition of society’s respect for the heroes of our history, there have been commemorations of their valor in battle. All those statues that grace numerous public spaces, hail the fallen heroes of old by placing them upon a horse, reared with both front legs aloft, signifying that they died, not in submission, but trying to win. There is no model to honor those who gave up, surrendered and died at their own hands, heads hanging in utter despair (and I do truly pity them), all in the name of Dignity. There really is no model for public recognition of this type, an honorific of the Absence of Valor. Unless the utter absence of anything to commemorate them is how one salutes The Nothingness of Surrendered Failure, rooted in fear and doubt, the fruit of which is utter emptiness. With friends and family at one’s side.
But I digress into the character and motivation of those that would Control Everything. As they have once believed was the prerogative of God, they now usurp, in denial of His existence, either through their words or, usually, their actions.

And so the Democrats will move forward in our next and 112th Congress to show us the way? Will they show us how cooperation is achieved? Will they be the shining example of bipartisan teamwork? Or will they, perhaps inspired by their own jealousy that the Republicans saw through them, walk out of negotiations, as they have in the past, becoming the new Shining Example of the Party of NO?

Likely gridlock in Congress could threaten economy - Yahoo! Finance

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