Thursday, November 04, 2010

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

The question: Is it prudent, at this time of our economic travails,  to spend this amount of money, hundreds of millions of hard-earned, tax payers' dollars, approximately enough to hire 30,000 teachers, just to protect Barack Hussein Obama, The One Who Bows, on a trip that isn’t necessary, just because they believe so many people want him to meet his Maker, face to Face?
Barack's Three
He could have stayed at home, saved all that money that belongs to the taxpayers for better purposes that serve the taxpayers, while still having just as many people fantasizing his arrival in heaven.

I guess it’s easy to blow through a wad of cash when it isn’t your own. Very few people who win a lottery have any of the winnings ten years afterwards. It appears that with Barry’s approach, his lottery win is no better defended.

Other People’s Money will always be  
Other People’s Money.

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

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