Sunday, November 28, 2010

When Common Sense Prevails

Several days ago, I received in the email from one of the (too) many conservative newsletters to which I subscribe, a survey inquiring as to who I thought might be a good choice for a presidential candidate for the GOP in 2012. At the end of the list of the usual suspects was a box for a “write in” suggestion. I thought for a moment and then rethought my thought. And then I wrote in Chris Christie with Alan West as VP. OK. I was indulging myself, as if somehow I could have whatever I thought would make me happy. And as along as I can have my way, Ken Cuccinelli, II (junior?) for Attorney General. But that would be asking too much. So back to reality, inasmuch as it it attainable.

I’ve enclosed a link to a video of a speech delivered to a gathering at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona by Governor Christie. At the end of a lengthy talk (though none of it boring or tedious, but to the contrary riveting and timely), I realized that my write in suggestion was, for me, even more so, the right choice. In four years of President Christie, we might well expect to see this ship turned around and sailing in the right direction. That is, if common sense and a mature respect for the American people are qualifiers for the job; because if they are, this man has qualifications to spare. And if he, like so many politicians, is lying through his teeth, then I really and truly give up. But if he is, in fact, the honest, down-to-earth American who is gifted by God, to Whom he gives credit, with the clarity of vision and the courage to employ the skills required to follow the Constitution as it was intended, then we have a most bright future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and staggeringly brilliant prospects for this country’s future.

Enjoy some Reagan–style common sense at its best.

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