Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How on Earth Did We Get Here?

With the ease of sending a text message to American Idol©, you can tell  them who you want to win. With that same depth of critcal thinking, coupled with the education gleaned from the objective and accurate disemintaion of full information, the Media  helped a lot of people remember how well it worked the last time they used the quick 'n easy of a feel-good decision process to register their preference of who was their favorite. When a candidate has no résumé, and keeping up with the facts is such a challenge, Vote-By-Color seems so much easier.

I guess Forest Gump's mother was right:
"Stupid is as stupid does."

And it doesn't matter in which of these great 57 states you live when, in the end, everyone is right... just because.

I suppose that's the benefit of "Heinz-sight"
They just don't see the pickle we're all in.

But, if you're born in one of the seven states that weren't part of the orginal 50 colonies, are you still a citizen? And can you vote? I mean, I'm just wondering. Maybe they need to do another poll.

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