Thursday, November 18, 2010

Terrorists and Barry's TSA Simply Have Different Methods

Probably, as a result of his being raised by a communist who associated exclusively with communists, Barry Soetoro can only see the world through the lens of "control in order to make perfect." This became most apparent, or at least the veil was most transparent, when in a radio interview he disclosed his chagrin that the Warren Court did too little to allow for the wealth of this nation to be taken from those who earned it and given to those who did not. In the interview he called it redistribution of wealth. He expressed frustration in that the Constitution has not been interpreted to allow for this mandatory removal of the rewards of one person's lifetime of achievements and award them to someone who hadn't done as much.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. -Thomas Jefferson
(It might appear that Thomas Jefferson is Barack Obama's least favorite author, as they disagree on so much)

In that same spirit of absolute control, Barack has, along with his allies, proceeded to, at an alarming pace, step by step, dismantle the freedoms that make America any different from any other country on this planet, struggling for happiness. The freedoms, deriving their worth in that the guarantee of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are rights given to us by our Creator and, therefore, cannot be taken away by any agent of man. This concept was sealed forever by the signatures, attached to the Preamble to the Constitution of The United States, of those that gave birth to this nation; a document made sacred by the blood of those that died defending it. Barack Hussein Obama, in what can only be suspected to be a fit of rage at this freedom enjoyed by so many, recently recited, in several speeches across the country, the rights enumerated in the preamble, while leaving out the phrase "by their Creator". One can only believe this omission to be a deliberate attempt to change the very  founding principles of this country. One would think that this, in itself, constitutes a breach of the oath he swore upon his inauguration to "defend the Constitution", when in fact, he repeatedly, even after being corrected, redefined the very core principle of that founding document. Without our rights, we are like anyone else who is ultimately able to be enslaved by the governing few. Without a Creator, those rights can be removed as easily as they are given; without a Creator to give them to us, they can then, only be deemed derivative of the magnanimousness of the governing few. It is this very principle that launched this nation away from tyranny and it is this very principle that Obama's present administration is attempting to dissolve. Right before our very disbelieving eyes. Yet, it is our disbelief that makes it possible. The worst killing-fires aren't those that everyone saw coming. The greatest loss of life is caused by those fires that grow in the walls of a structure and are well developed before they burst forth, consuming the horrified victims, before they had the time to do anything about it.
Terrorists and Obama's TSA, want the same thing: to control us with fear as they take away our rights as Americans.

They simply have different methods.

"We're at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. It has been said that if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment, that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening."

R. Reagan

Used without permission but it sure says a lot

This is the horror of an unchecked Barack Hussein Obama...Nancy Pelosi... Harry Reid... Janet Napolitano... when they systematically, deliberately, and methodically do to us what the terrorists would like to do to us: control us with fear as they strip away our rights. First be denying that we have any rights not given to us by them, denying the Creator had any authority in the matter; Then denying that we should have them at all; and all in the name of "for our own good".

The jihadists long ago realized that they could never take over this country in open attack. Therefore, they declared that they will take it over from within, infiltrating our government with those of like mind until one day “the Crescent and Star” fly atop the White House. This is their open and public claim. Is Barack Hussein a Muslim? We have no way to know. He hasn't attended church service in two years and when he says he's a Christian, he cites precepts that are not Christian. So who knows? But, in the end it doesn't matter.  Either way, he is doing their work for them.
These actions on the part of the TSA, at the direction of Barack Hussein Obama, should give one pause as to what is actually going on. Something has to be done. This type of treatment shows either an appalling lack of respect or a pathetic lack of imagination.

Perhaps we should sub-contract our security to another nation with a better track record of success. The most secure airport in the world, Ben Gurion airport in Israel does not use this technology. They don't need to. They are clearly much smarter than the people whose background checks prevent them getting real jobs and end up at the TSA. The head of the Israeli security force states that he can easily get enough explosives through our StripSearch scanners to blow up a 737. Now that makes me feel better!
So how on earth can these things possibly make us safer? They can't and they don't. They just give the unimaginative, can't-get-a-better-job government workers the opportunity to fleece us again, as the sheep they think we are. And anyone who is willing to give up his liberty for a bit of temporary safety, according to B. Franklin, deserves neither liberty nor safety, and will soon lose both.

Thank God for the good citizens of New Jersey.

It is particularly disheartening to think that with all the millions of dollars we pour into the salaries of our elected legislators, that the “strip search” (SS) represents their best thinking and delivers the best value for our dollar. Because, if that level of invasive inspection is truly the only way that they can manage to protect us from passengers wearing explosives beneath their clothing, with all the expensive degradation and costly humiliation of the people whose taxes pay the salaries of the perpetrators, even though it has been proven that it still can’t detect every dangerous substance that might be smuggled aboard an aircraft, then for far less than what it costs for the thousands of these machines with six-figure price tags making government employee-investors rich, disrobing before boarding the flight and dressing after debarking would be far cheaper; yet, no more degrading or humiliating - and certainly no more unconstitutional.

It worked in Europe in 1944; it can work again. We've all seen the pictures, the people all lined up, stripped of their dignity while submitting themselves to be exposed to the questionable science of the State, helpless to defend their children screaming from fear; and now, maybe we can relate to what that might have felt like, to whatever degree. Truly a horror that no one should have to endure; at least that had not already been proven to have committed some crime deserving of such abuse.

And it would also be much faster, allowing for better efficiencies in the system. For as we all know, time is money. So if the government is genuinely looking to trim costs, they could handily fire 80% of the TSA, or perhaps, disband it all together, saving millions of dollars in salaries; cancel the orders for the x-ray scanners, and make flying a lot more attractive in the process - at least for some of the populace. The jobs lost in the TSA and the scanner industry would easily be replaced by the increased hiring of airline attendants to maintain the crowds. And, as we all know, industry makes money; government simply spends it.

Virgin Airlines would take on a whole new meaning. And that old airline, the one with “Trans” in their name, well they might also see an unexpected come-back opportunity. And for those that have a problem with the "inconvenience", there could be a new airline: FlyUndressed (FU), Their slogan: "Grin and Bare It". Imagine the fun, when asked "How will you get there?", in responding loudly, "FU!" with a grin on your face, as you, in the face of gross, degrading, dehumanizing, traumatizing, Fourth Amendment-mocking "inconvenience",  prepare to bare it.

It seems that some of our neighbors view our clowning around with the level of respect it deserves.

And the best part of all, no Muslims, for religious reasons, would ever board an American flight again. And after all, seriously ...isn’t that what we really want to feel safe, since we all know that no native born American has ever bombed a plane? And that every bomber felt compelled by the teachings in the Koran? And this certainly isn't xenophobic since, other than the writings of John Q. Adams and Winston Churchill, no one really ever expressed a problem with Muslims. The facts are the facts and just stand on their own merits.

If the humiliation, degradation and abrogation of the Fourth Amendment Rights of American citizens, by subjecting everyone of the millions who fly to likely damaging x-rays, to find even one terrorist, is supposedly worth the “inconvenience”, declared necessary to assure safety because the TSA can't come up with anything better, then the humiliation, degradation and abrogation of the Fourth Amendment Rights of Muslims would be deservedly worth it as well. The biggest difference in effectiveness would lie in the fact that no American born in this country has ever bombed a domestic flight. Conversely, every actual bombing attempt has been made by individuals who claim that Mohammad and the Koran supported and instructed them to do so. Janet Napolitano could certainly not object to it since she thinks that giving up your rights, while being degraded and humiliated by the "inconvenience", is necessary for safety. And most of all, the probability of the effectiveness of providing "safety-by-strip search" with this technique would rise so dramatically, it might likely be called fool-proof. And right now, the American citizen needs protection from fools more than ever before in our history.

If Barack Obama thinks that the American people should do this thing, then he and the First Family should lead us by example and demonstrate how to do this without sacrificing personal dignity, rights and constitutional protection while simultaneously undergoing radiation that too many experts have called dangerous. We should see on YouTube, Barack, Michelle and their two lovely daughters show us how safe the scanners are and how tolerant they are of the 'inconvenience' of the 'enhanced pat-down'. We should have the encouragement of a video of his face and that of Michelle as their groins are probed, her breasts and genitals probed, groped and manipulated. Then we could watch their reactions as a TSA worker, whose background is not as assured as someone working in WalMart, manually digests their little girls bodies, every part, to prove that those young ladies are not intent on detroying themselves, their parents and fellow passengers, as we know little girls can sometimes do. Well, little Muslim girls,,,wearing vests have done it.

And, if The Firsts were to show this degree of leadership, then we would all surely understand how willing he is to be a real leader, leading by example of what he thinks we should all do. We would then understand he wants us to willingly surrender our Constitutional Protections and health concerns for a measure of the appearance of safety, which our allies have called foolish, ineffective and unnecessary. Then we would know him for the leader he really is. And in that regard, we would be truly safer:

forewarned is forearmed.
But that would require a greater degree of honesty than one might find in the White House, TSA, or Washington, for that matter.

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