Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wider Islamic Conflict - International Terrorism -

Negroponte fears wider Islamic conflict - International Terrorism -

How to understand the mainstream Muslim is made much simpler once you master understanding the mainstream media in the US. As the cartoon capers clearly illustrated, given a perceived misdeed at the hands of a few, millions react with blood-curdling rage that makes one wonder about their intent and balance of reason.

In American, one man forges a document insulting and demeaning the President of the US and the mainstream media, in this instance championed by Dan Rather, takes off with such enthusiasm as if they've found the cure for cancer, denouncing the president and the country which he leads.

A handful of misguided prison guards insult and demean a handful of prison inmates and the mainstream media takes off with such enthusiasm as if they've found the cure for cancer, denouncing the president and the country which he leads.

From Karl Rove to Cheney's legitimate and common target-shooting accident, the mainstream media makes out as if they've found something of note and that the world will be delighted to have had "Exposed". All the while it's more a tempest in a tea cup, twisted by none other than their own minds and intentions to portray the truth as a lie and the lie as if it were ... well... The Cure for Cancer.

Ironically it would appear more that their ilk is the cancer than that they've cured anything at all. Unless, of course, you consider normal, everyday, balanced, rational thought as a disease and the misrepresented, fictionalized distortions of truth as a cure. This is not to suggest that the goings on in politics are wholesome. They're often not, however the intentions and the objective are more to be scrutinized than the occasional misstep on the dance floor of Washington, DC.

Well, once you've gotten a handle on the regular pattern of brandishing agenda-driven opportunism as worthwhile information, or in the case of Islam, indignation, you then get a better feel for mainstream Islam in the world today. And the cartoons are just a great example of the everyday mentality of the everyday Muslim.

So then we see that an agenda driven media is much like an agenda driven Islam. To have a Muslim world one needs to gain control, just as to control the outcome in the US, one needs to gain control over the thinking of the everday American. Rally enough madness in the name of Allah and, through civil war and Muslim mayhem, the oil-dependent world can be brought to its knees. There is, perhaps, a method to the madness after all. We know this is true of the media. And as the media goes, so goes Islam.

I wonder.

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