Saturday, March 04, 2006 News - International - US forced to reveal list of Guantanamo prisoner IDs News - International - US forced to reveal list of Guantanamo prisoner IDs

Reading this article in a Scottish newspaper, I thought from the tone of it, that it was a US paper I was reading. From the headline and throughout the story there is a tone of "Gotcha!"

Perhaps it was the word "forced" that caught my eye. But then as I read further it becomes clear the we were forced by our own rules. I suppose in a way you, too, are forced to do what you want. What name could one give to this "force"? Agreement? Co-operation? Cohesiveness? Freedom? Democracy? I wonder. One could readily understand from the slant of the article that there were two Americas: The People and the Government that rules them. (A bit like the plot of The Lord of The Rings, don't you think?) Sounds like a bit of "Of the People and By The People" jealousy to me.

I also wonder, does such a force exist anywhere else on earth. Is there a "force" in Scotland or England or elsewhere in the world that will disclose to the public the "secrets kept hidden by the Shroud of Secrecy" of their own governments (makes me think of the infamous SS. Shroud of Secrecy... SS...get it? Oh, nevermind.) or does this force of law, written by Americans for the good of Americans exist in other lands as well? Can a Scotsman handily take his government to court and have revealed to him documents that his government otherwise wished to be held secret? Or does this "force" only twist the arm of the American government, the greatest force for good on this planet?

I wonder.

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