Monday, March 20, 2006

Family Values in California

News from Agape Press

After reading the above linked article, I had an overwhelming inspration that I think is the answer we have all been looking for and simply couldn't find the forest for the trees. No, this is not a proposal to cut down any trees. It's just a point of encouragement to look between them to find the answers that have eluded us all for so long. And that's probably because we haven't read enough of George Clooney's writing and other intellectual pursuits. We're all to busy with trying to stay in touch with the mainstream.

I think that in the interest of being open minded and all –inclusive, we must realize that to identify by gender is to automatically exclude those who are not of the same gender, at least in the definition of gender itself. That is to say that as I identify male, I must automatically exclude that I do no think of myself as female. Likewise, if I identify you as female, I would automatically exclude you as being male and therefore would relate to you differently as a female than I would to you if you were a male.

That being said, I think it is counterproductive to the societal goals of California to have our children raised to think of themselves as any one gender as it is too exclusive of those of other genders and prevents them from an early age from relating generically and fairly with other children. This of course prevents them from developing as adults who value a community based on equality and fairness of choice. How can a boy, raised to think of himself as male, relate equally and on a level playing field with someone who views themselves as female or somewhere in the middle to any of the myriad possibilities of choices.

For there to be any hope for a future for the State of California, where men and women see themselves as equals they must be raised from their earliest years to see them selves as genderless. To achieve this goal we should begin by removing the idea of gender from their daily lives. The best place to start would be the root of all meaning to words, which would be the dictionary. It would be best if the State of California reprinted the Standard American Dictionary with the words “gender”, “male” “female” “him” “his” “her” “hers”, “manly”, “feminine”, and any other word that denotes gender or gender characteristics. In this way our children can be reared in the concept of total equality and eliminate forever the idea that people can be maligned in any way based on their gender, whether it is a result of natural selection or personal choice.

Marriage should no longer be a goal for a young man and a young woman but rather be the chosen engagement of any two living beings, regardless of gender, apparent or assumed. To further this aim, fashion designers should be expressly prohibited from distinguishing details in clothing that call attention to any features that might make it obvious that the wearer is of any particular gender. All clothing should be uniformly equal and should not separate by design any particular gender. Further, since income and status are often used to delineate between groups of people, no particular fashion should be more expensive than another. All clothing should be gender neutral and of equal value. This way our children can be raised to view each other as gender and social equals, thereby ensuring that society progresses to fair and balanced equilibrium that precludes anything that denotes class, gender or superiority.

Since superiority is also determined by educational accomplishments, along with gender and fashion, educational achievement should be standardized as well. As long as a student feels that his intellect is superior to another’s there will always be an air of tension between the “haves and have-nots”, intellectually speaking. The true purpose of an education is to learn the material, not to brandish a certification of any kind. Therefore, though our children should continue to be educated, it would be counterproductive for them to have to meet any particular requirement in order to be considered accomplished. Each will learn according to their own capacity and that capacity should never be used to differentiate between each other. Neither teacher nor student should view each other as different in any sense and certainly not because of any intellectual capacity which, ultimately, has nothing to do with neutrality of being. Until all society views its members as neutral in every way and in every sense of the word, there will be hindrance in achieving our goals of neutrality. Therefore, student should not be graded on their work at the risk of damaging their view of themselves as being on par with everyone else and as validly entitled to all the same things in life regardless of applicability or appropriateness.

I therefore propose that all reference to gender, income and intellect be removed from our schools, libraries, movies, books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, search engines, documents, legal proceedings fashion design and language. The sooner we recognize, as a society, that all are created equal, we will never achieve the desired goal of being equal that we so desire to be, which is equal in society, free from all sense of inequality based on gender or intellect or income, regardless of anyone’s gender or intellect or income.

And no smoking.

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