Saturday, March 04, 2006

ABC News: 'I Made a Terrible Mistake'

ABC News: 'I Made a Terrible Mistake'

"Inside the canvas duffel, he found rocks — and a dead baby boy with a stab wound and a head injury, his umbilical cord tied off with a barrette."

"The body of the nearly full-term baby shook the small Ohio community of Columbia Station so deeply they gave it a real funeral, a grave and with a headstone bearing the name: Baby Boy Hope. The community vowed not to rest until they knew who among them could do such a thing."

"Lorraine County Sheriff's Detective Karl Yost became consumed by the mystery, developing a picture of the killer in his mind."

For goodness sakes, all the sherriff had to do was to go to any Planned Parenthood clinic or NARAL-supported doctor who thinks that partial birth abortion is the thing to do and he'd have a photographable image of what such a (profiatable) person looks like. Every abortionist and abortion supporter does willingly what this mother admittedly did by a tragic mistake. To the abortionist, the real tragedy here is that no one got paid.

So the question then becomes, which is more horrible:

"By the death of this innocent baby I made a terrible mistake!"


"By the death of this innocent babyI made a wonderful profit!"

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