Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oil-producing Muslims Keep American Christians in Check

Ever since Christian men penned the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States, America has been guided by the principles and teachings of Christianity. Without the guidance outlined in the Bible this country would be more secular than Europe and more set upon its own downfall, despite itself.

If you were to remove from our system of justice and ethics the precepts of Christianity, there is little if any justification for the United States to have ever entered a war to the defense of another. Nor would there be any justification for the United States to give any money at all, let alone the billions that we do, to lesser nations.

Yet, the very balance of our economy is in the hands of Muslims in that the United States has made itself almost entirely dependant on oil, the price of which determines the health of our economy. When oil goes up, business slows and inflation rises.

Every dollar that we Americans spend on foreign oil enriches nations whose Islamic teachings would have us destroyed as infidels. Only those Muslims willing to betray the Qur'an and defy the teachings of Muhammad and the revealed will of Allah will tolerate the notion of peace with non-Muslims, otherwise called "infidels" by Muslims.

In this context, all nations that view themselves as Christian nations or as nations founded on the principles of Christianity, even if they have since rejected those roots, have in fact already been overcome by Muslims. As long as we allow for our well-being, economically speaking, to be tethered like a dog to the will of OPEC then we will never really be free. Global economy not withstanding, we are not the masters of our own destiny if we are slaves to oil. It's just that simple.

Those elements of our economy that depend on oil directly or indirectly are beholding to the will of every Muslim overlord who decides what we will have or not have. It would seem that the decisions that are made by the Muslim oil producers regarding prices are simply the tuning process of the American economy: "How much can we get from them before they revolt and throw us overboard? We must be careful to build their tolerance of our prices gradually so as not to shock them too much. They may just go off and develop a new energy technology and where will that leave us? In the desert, will a lot of sand and oil which has no value. We will then be only 7th century beggars again in a world that will have left us literally in the dust. That can't happen; the will of Allah must be met."

Somehow, whenever I buy gasoline at the pumps I see the dissipation of America's strength to the satisfaction of intolerant Muslims or America-hating dictators like Chavez. It really has curbed my consumption and strengthened my will to do without that we might slip out from under the control of foreign nations. America needs to invest in an energy alternative. We need to do it yesterday. If we could, in less than ten years, take our species to the moon and back, then we can delete oil from our list of necessities.

I remember as a child of nine or ten being taken by my father to the labs at General Electric's Space Center in Valley Forge, PA where I marveled to see a computer that filled a large, temperature-controlled room. I stood there, awed by this massive technology that could do hundreds of calculations per minute. I am now writing this bit using a computer, which does millions of calculations per minute; it sits on my floor in a case the size of my gym bag. In addition, I could not tell you what temperature it is in there because it is just not critical anymore. All of that was made possible by the American will to do more than we had done before. In this case, it was to go to the moon, which demanded the miniaturization of our computers; and a whole new trillion-dollar economy arose from it. Before that, it was the automobile. And before that, the railroad.

All along the way, Americans have distinguished themselves by refusing to accept limitations and each time we succeed, we grow new economies. We need to throw off the warm fuzzy blanket of immediate gratification and self-indulgence and reach once more for our own future, our own destiny.

If nothing else, it will lend credibility to our charity as just that: charity. As long as we see the need to give to other nations only to keep them "in line" and their people "in check", then it is hardly charity. It is merely maintenance, much like the oil producing Muslims keep the American Christians in check: by the nose.

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