Thursday, March 02, 2006

Herald Sun: torture as state terrorism

Herald Sun: George W. Bush inflames passions [03mar06]:

"CHERIE Blair, the lawyer wife of the British Prime Minister, yesterday described torture as state terrorism, 'usually practised for the same reasons that terrorists use violence: to break the will of those they cannot persuade by lawful means.'

She said international conventions banned it without exception and allowed for the prosecution of those who permitted torture, from foot soldiers to heads of state.

But the US military officer presiding over the trial at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, of an alleged aide to Osama bin Laden said yesterday he was not ready to rule out evidence obtained through torture."

So I wonder, if the US intelligence community became aware of a planned nuclear attack against England... the exact details but, those details were obtained through what she might call torture... would she want us to tell her about it? Would she be angry if we didn't? And then there's the real puzzler: Would she be angry if we did!?

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