Wednesday, March 29, 2006

German Death Camps Were As Legal As America's Abortion Clinics.

Apparently, Americans -or at least Christian Americans - would have made no more difference then, had they been living during WWII in Nazi Germany, to end the death camps there than they have made here in America today, to stop the limitless killing of America's children. Those camps were as legal then as our abortion clinics are here today and the same legal protections were in place then to guard the German solution as are in place, here in America, to protect the American solution. So even if we had all been there with all of our moral outrage to stop the horror of it all, nothing really would have been any different, since we have proven ourselves ineffective to end the same horror here on American soil.

Or so it would appear.

Honestly, I can't recall the last time I heard from any clergy at any service on any Sunday a recollection, let alone a condemnation, of the ongoing wholesale murder in our midst. If our collective relative silence on the matter is any indication, we are as accepting of the Death Camps here as the German people were of their own little nightmare, despite the lip service.

I guess I'm left asking myself, what would we have done differently then and there that we're not doing here and now? Would we have made a difference then if we can't seem to have ended this by now?

God forgive us for, though we do know what we do, we lack what it takes, whatever that may be, to stop it.

...Participants in a Washington conference have been warned that America deserves God's judgment for abortion and the decline of marriage. On the final day of the conference titled "The War on Christians and the Values Voter in 2006," Rev. Laurence White condemned decades of abortion, calling it an American "Holocaust" that the church has done too little to stop. White, who heads the Greater Houston Area Pastors Roundtable, also said marriage is under assault -- as much from Christians who divorce as from activists demanding same-sex "marriage." Unless Christians act to stop what he calls America's "unrighteousness, evil, corruption, perversion and death," White says "God will -- and God should -- judge America." [AP]

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