Saturday, March 04, 2006

Improved Knowledge Better Identifies Ignorance

From one of my favorite thinkers, speakers and authors:

"We have improved our knowledge enormously and better identified the limits of our ignorance, but it seems that, for human intelligence, it has become too difficult to realize that the sign of the Creator is seen when contemplating nature.

"In reality, whoever loves truth should perceive that research on such profound topics makes it possible for us to see and almost touch the hand of God."

"Beyond the limits of the experimental methods, at the confines of the area that some call meta-analysis, where sensorial perception and scientific tests are neither enough or even possible, that is where the adventure of transcendence begins, the commitment to 'go beyond.'"

With the clearest understanding we would do well to accept that, when we experiment:

We admit ignorance.
Admitting ignorance, we lack authority.

Lacking authority, we should be cautious when making declarations as fact.

When contemplating if abortion is the termination of a human being's life, only 16% of Americans think it isn't.

(What is it, now...? 14% of America is functionally illiterate? Something like that)

The overwhelming majority of Americans think abortion is wrong but seem to lack the moral fortitude and strength of character to end it through compassionate caring and honest education. And little by little, in the name of freedom for women, we relinquish to the courts the freedom of all Americans.

As we become crushed under the intolerance of Political Correctness, we lose our own identities and surrender to the will of the minority our own personal dignity. It's an outrage that thrives on the evil of murder and greed, power and domination and if we fail to end it, the logistics are obvious that it will end us.

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