Sunday, February 19, 2006

States to review eminent domain

Mr. Donald Borut, president of the National League of Cities ( hasn't lost his family home to a hotel mogul. He hasn't been forced to give up life long traditions, which mean so much to the elderly, to share his family's holidays in unfamiliar surroundings to satisfy the greed of corporations and lazy politicians.

"We all feel sympathetic for someone who is losing a home," he says. "But we also have to consider the faces of people of all income levels who benefit from the job creation these projects bring." Can you just picture the faces of the greedy suns of beaches on the golf course laughing it up about how they grabbed yet another prime bit a of real estate for a song. Yes, it's clear that Mr. Borut has been about as secure in his home and its investment value as Justice Souter, the two faced hypocrite, who has yet to accept the offer from a California developer to buy his home from under him so that he can pay more taxes on the land than Judge Souter ever will. Can't bring myself to call him "Justice Souter"... the man just doesn't seem to have a grasp on the concept... of justice, that is.

Mr. Borut's sympathetic feelings take second place to his understanding of the need for greed, even if he calls it "prosperity". That just looks like a lot of wasted sympathy to me. I'm sure any common thief thinks himself quite prosperous too. Especially after reliveing the likes of Borut or Souter of their private property, all in the interest of what they view as the betterment of mankind.

USA Today: Eminent domain

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