Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is An Arab-run Port Such A Bad Thing?

After reading the news and all the hoopla about the UAE running a company that will be buying a British company which runs some of our port operations, I ask myself, "Which is the bigger threat to American security and the safety of all Americans: A company in Dubai which will run 2 of 187 terminals in New York and a few others around the country~or~ the death of Americans in excess of forty million to date. Americans killed by a decree of the courts, not by a law. Americans stripped of any legal standing without the opportunity to defend themselves. Americans killed by the hundreds of thousands each year. More killed in one month here in the US than will ever die in Iraq. More Americans die each week from the deliberate actions of doctors for profit than were ever killed by terrorists for principles.

Again, I wonder which is worse.

If I had a say in the matter, all US ports would be run by US companies. But then, I'd also have it that all video equipment in the US was made by US companies. After all, we invented all the technology and it's a multi billion doallr industry from which we could certainly benefit. We simply lacked the perseverence to bring our own technologies successfully to market. US investors are an impatient lot for sure. Give us immediate results or give it to someone else. We have become a society driven by immediate results in all that we do; from relationships to technology to human life and lifestyle. If it doesn't bring us what we want when we want it, then let's be done with it.

At the urgings of the enormously profitable baby killing industry, a handful of men, dressed in black robes, deeming themselves worthy, believing that they were in the embrace of all wisdom, determined that they could see in the US Constitution the right for a parent to have their chidren killed for profit if it was determined that those children were too inconvenient, either to the parents or to society. These same men in black proved true the adage that, when you go out looking for one thing, it is only one thing that you will find. Since they didn't go out looking for the truth, they didn't find it. Since they did go out looking for a way to enrich those of us that are already here by killing those who would one day replace us, they miraculously found hidden, obscured, cryptically entwined within the bold words of the Constitution which declare our God given Freedom and Justice, the wonderfully generous gift from God to kill our children for the good of ourselves, our bank accounts and our personal freedom to choose. Our personal freedom to choose to kill children. Hitler's personal freedom to kill children. Sadaam's personal freedom to choose to kill children. Where's the difference between them? Longitude and latitude is about the only difference that can be seen by anyone whose gone out to seek the truth and not simply to "seek only one thing and therefore find only one thing".

So I wonder, which is the real threat to America: Our fear of Arabs running the day-to-day operations of some ports or the day-to-day extermination of Americans for profit, within our own borders, with an efficiency that would make any Nazi jealous. Coupling a lack of contraint on the increase in population of illegal immigrants to an unfettered self-extermination of Americans, it's easy to imagine the terrorist's dreams come true in just a short while: Americans eliminated from the earth. And to their added joy, by our own hands. And we're worried about a few ports. Imagine that.

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