Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Remove all doubt as to the true nature of Islam

Some have suggested that we should attack the real perpetrators of violence in the world who use Islam as a shield behind which to hide. Some have also suggested that to enrage the Muslim world with the publication of inflammatory cartoons depicting Mohammed, the depiction of whom is a sacrilege in itself, is an unnecessary stirring of a hornets nest only to empower the Islamo-fascist propagandists with fuel to demonstrate how wicked the West really is.

Here I have to point out that it is just this view of Islam being a peaceful religion with a few extremists in the bunch, the so-called Islamo-fascists, that has allowed this unstable furor, which Islam identifies as religious fervor, to continue to fester and grow. Until we view Islam for what it really is, then we will always have beheadings of innocent Christian schoolgirls and the bombing and kidnapping and murder of innocents all across the globe until Islam has achieved its stated goal: the elimination of all but Muslims from the face of the earth. Frankly, the more they carry on like mad dogs, the more convinced I am that they are just as we have all suspected: deranged, out-of-control maniacs whose blood lust is insatiable, driven by a self-induced delusion of grandiosity that surpasses the comprehension of the western mind. Without the western civilized world to buy what they have to sell, they would have nothing but sand, oil and rage to trade amongst themselves, for all the good it would do them. All that they can produce is of no value to them. Yet they want to destroy their customers. This is what happens when the rage within dominates all reason. This would be a good way to start a world war.

As a Christian, I have to believe that spreading the word of the Gospel is my goal. St. Francis of Assisi made several trips to Arabia to proselytize in the name of Christ and lived to do it again. This is truly a sainted man, whom the Arabs recognized as such and who surely went with the grace of God to protect him. Inspired by his trust in God, I am compelled to look at the Muslim as a child of God, loved by God as I am loved by God. From this perspective, I see radical Muslims who embrace the teachings of Christ in their behavior, to love all humanity and to seek peace with all mankind in the name of God Who is Love, as people who would be Christian if they only knew that their desires are the same as the desires God has for them. Within Islam, this is truly radical and heretical and, well…blasphemous. These people I believe are really Christians in their hearts waiting to be introduced to the Gospel of Jesus. That’s as radical as a Muslim can get, I suppose. Though they think of God as Allah, the one who commands them to kill all others, they believe that they, for themselves, want peace. Though Islam does teach peacefulness, it is peacefulness towards other Muslims, never towards the People of the Book, Jews and Christians. As Christians, we are compelled to reach out to these people in the name of Jesus and show them by the quality of our own lives and loving hearts that to be Christian is really to be happy. As Jesus taught us, you will know the tree by its fruit, so we should inspire the true peace loving Muslim, by virtue of how we lead our own lives, to seek out Christianity as the answer to his prayers... as the fulfillment of his heart's desires.

Then there is the mainstream Muslim who devoutly obeys the will of Allah and follows the teachings of the Koran most dutifully. This Muslim hurls stones, set fires and beheads according to the words of the Koran and the teachings of his god, Allah, according to what Mohammed said that Allah said. This is the true Muslim, the "religious right" in the Muslim world.

As long as we view Muslims as if they were Christians or Jews, we will never understand them. As a Christian or a Jew, I can never understand how a man abandons his family that he might destroy other families, deliberately seeking out the innocent, and all the while believe he is doing it for good in following his god. As a Christian or a Jew, I can never understand how a man can leave his own family here on earth by killing others and being killed that he might receive a reward of a young virgin in “heaven” that he gets to rape, just like his idol, Mohammed did. As long as I view Muslims with the eyes of a compassionate and loving Christian or Jew, it will never be clear to me who the real Muslim is.

I suppose, in a way it is a good thing that the Iranian press is sponsoring a contest to mock the entire peace-loving world with its request for cartoons that make light of the holocaust. The entire world has already accepted that it was surely the most horrible thing that man has ever done. That Islam could see humor in it clearly demonstrates how out of touch Islam is with the rest of the planet and how clearly there is no place for Islam on the planet. It is good that they have taken the initiative to remove all doubt as to the true nature of Islam. What they call a religion, with all its depravity, is clearly nothing more than an ancient satanic cult, still living in the dark ages, whose appetite for evil knows no limits. This is not an evaluation or a judgment of Islam. It is merely an observation of what the Muslims of the world put out there for us all to see. Only the blind could not see it. Only the ignorant could conclude otherwise.

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