Saturday, February 11, 2006

Millstones: Now Let Me Get This Straight

Mankind makes many mistakes, within the realm of nature, through which he damages himself. That homosexuality is so deeply invested in the human psyche does not make it more valid, it just makes it more damaging.

As a creator, God made mankind for a purpose. Otherwise, obviously, man would then be rendered purposeless and subsequently, God would be flawed, his creation would be an accident and He therefore would no longer be God. In this sense, the clarion call of the atheist would, in fact be true: man made god to serve his own purpose as a crutch and as an excuse for all that he, man, cannot understand.

On the other hand, if God is God and His creations are the product of a will of divine love that produces only goodness, then we look to the design to gain a better understanding of the designer. We do this regularly in our daily lives. We gather in galleries and museums, studying the painting and sculptures of artists trying all the while to glean the message of the work while simultaneously gaining an understanding of the artist. Or we will look at a character as portrayed in a movie and develop an understanding and sometimes affection for the artist that presented his or her work for our benefit. In the simplest of applications, we look at a smiling face and discover the heart of the being behind it.

So it is with this understanding that we can look at the function of our daily lives and behaviors and discover that our wills either do or do not align with the will of the Creator as expressed through the work of His hands in His creations. If it is the will of Divine Love that mankind is intended to continue, then we look to the design of the species and see that it functions with opposite sexes combining chromosomes to perpetuate the species ad infinitum. And because the function of this design reflects continuation and we believe that continuation is good because the work, humanity, is good, then we must conclude that the design is good and the work is the creation which springs from the goodness of God’s love.

On the other hand, if we contend that homosexuality is equally as good or, as the homosexual community phrases it, simply an alternate lifestyle (while implying that it is as valid as heterosexuality), then we must question whether the goodness, validity or viability of a thing is connected in any way to the outcome of its behavior and application. If a behavior results, ultimately in the termination of a species through its inability to replicate, then the only way this could be a good thing is if the species were a bad thing and required termination. Self-terminating cockroaches are a good idea, at least from the domesticated human’s perspective. The blue jays of the world may differ on that point. Self-terminating human beings are not a good idea, if logic prevails. Either the being is flawed or the behavior is wanting, but it can’t be both, that a being and his behavior (lifestyle) are valid while one eradicates the other. If there were any merit in the Darwinian Theory, it would be that the species that perpetuates self-validates. The behavior that obliviates, eliminates. That is to say, if a behavior such as homosexuality, which by definition of its actions fails to propagate the species by virtue of the inability of the lifestyle to regenerate (albeit the unwillingness to do so), then the principles of survival predict its demise. That which self-destructs or self-eliminates by functional design is not of God, as self-destructive propensities declare a flaw in the design and therefore it cannot be good; hence, it cannot be of God. Of course, we can't preclude contamination of what was a originally a good design. An inherent understanding of this point raises the question of timing: when does sexual deliniation and proclivity first establish itself. To ask the question would imply that there is an expected answer and therefore the notion of a flaw is not at all an alien injection into the discussion.

Let me be clear. I am not in any way condemning homosexual people. What I am saying is that the behavior is illogical in its conclusions and therefore inherently unnatural, if for no other reason than, by virtue of its outcome. The rock guitarist who, after expressing his innermost self to the world, destroys the instrument by which he was able to express himself, smashing it violently against the floor, best portrays the logic of homosexuality. An attitude of “All for me now”, without any consideration to the future is socially and morally invalid. Rock performers, as all artists, may smash what they create. Likewise, if we as individual humans were each fully autonomous in that we created ourselves as well as the environment in which we lived, then such a position might be accepted, assuming we didn't demand that others in society tolerate our beavior and the resultant problems . But rather, when we are dependent on others (God and our parents) in that we even exist as well as for our sustenance (God and society), and can only shape our environment, then we must look at healthy continuity with a more selfless eye, if we are truly interested in justice and goodness (even if oblivious to divine will), but not just self indulgence.

We must all understand that we are flawed in one way or another and that, as Christians, it is the pursuit of divine perfection that we all should seek. Christians are commanded to do so by Jesus Himself. Being flawed makes us human; seeking to correct our flaws through salvation makes us Christian. It is therefore difficult for me to accept the notion that a bishop or clergy such as Gene Robertson is serving God, the Divine Creator (whose designs are perfect, even if damaged by humans and their application), when he proposes that the practice of homosexuality is concurrent with God’s plan… concurrent with Divine Will. In that it is self-serving and not God-serving makes it against God’s will. It should also make it against the will of any cleric in that his calling is to serve God, not himself. To be out of step with God’s will, knowingly, is the very definition of sin. Therefore, it is in a lifestyle of sinfulness that Mr. Robertson purports to lead God’s people and it is in Wisdom and Justice, both gifts from the Holy Spirit, that the people object. Not everyone has wisdom and not everyone loves justice. With all due respect and no pun intended, you can tell a tree by its fruit. You can tell God’s people by how fervently they seek Him and seek to do His will. Fortunately, we have Divine Word in scripture to direct and support our beliefs. There is nothing in scripture to direct or support homosexuality. There is, however, much to condemn it.

I do believe, however, that we cannot and should not condemn or judge Mr. Robertson and others within the church community sharing similar ideas. Rather I think we must all pray for him as we do for all humanity in its struggle to find God amidst our own self-determined will to destroy the work of the Divine Artist, perhaps because it’s the only way we’ve discovered to discover Him. I want to believe that Gene Robertson means well. I want to believe that he is not evil but misguided. I know that he is wrong thinking and that his conclusions mock God and God’s people. I pray that the evil that besets some within each of the many fragments of the church that Jesus gave us is recognized for what it is and is lovingly dispelled in the name of the Lord.

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