Monday, April 10, 2006

Representation Without Taxation

...A critic of George W. Bush's immigration...: "...A critic of George W. Bush's immigration policy ideas doubts administration officials will be very vocal about what the president's proposed reforms are going to cost because the numbers are staggering. Jim Boulet of the group English First says the immigration reform bill now being debated in the Senate will have an enormous price tag. 'Once amnesty is granted,' Boulet asserts, 'every one of these 12 million illegal aliens could go on the dole immediately. This would mean an increase of at least 65 billion -- with a 'b' -- dollars in Medicaid spending alone.' Meanwhile, he notes, Clinton Executive Order 13166 will require local hospitals to advertise in Spanish to illegal aliens, informing them of their new free healthcare. Boulet feels this is unfair. After all, he contends, 'There are hard-working, tax-paying American citizens doing without all the healthcare they might desire. Frankly, charity should begin at home.' [Bill Fancher]

One way to pay for all of this would be for the churches and other non-profits who advocate amnesty for criminals to agree to the revocation of their own tax-exempt status. Then, at least, when they call for the tremendous increase of the burden in the national budget they've shown their sincerity and pure-heartedness by putting our money where their mouths are.

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