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Family Advocate Fears Pro-Homosexual Education...

Family Advocate Fears Pro-Homosexual Education...: "

After reading the following article, it was easy to see that in California, there is a reduced need to teach other subjects of learning, since in California there would be a reduced need to learn them.

If, according to the direction being taken by the homosexual agenda people (there's really nothing gay about them... they're actually more nasty than most folks), the state of California needs to spend more time and money teaching about deviant sexuality, then it probably could drop altogether the idea of teaching language and math. That could create significant savings.

Everyone knows that the real homosexual lifestyle (not the hetero-wannabe that screams for "marriage" rights as if two people sharing the same bed constitutes a marriage) is all about multiple, if not innumerable, sex partners. Hence the rampant spread of venereal disease within that community. San Francisco was just named the "Gayest City in The World" where one in every five residents professes to be homosexual. That doesn't take into account those that don't profess to be so. With such demography and seemingly preferred lifestyle being taught in the schools, one can surmise that there would little need for spelling, since you'd only have to spell the other person's name once, if at all. One of the many benefits of anonymity. And since the number of partners would no longer be of any consequence or significance, why would one need to know how to count?

Now who was it that's sponsoring a movement to give California back to the Mexicans? I can't remember his name but I think I'd like to make a donation to the cause.

Family Advocate Fears Pro-Homosexual Education Bill Will Pass California Senate
By Jim BrownApril 11, 2006
(AgapePress) -

A California pro-family activist says a bill in the state Senate requiring public schools to teach homosexual, bisexual, and transgender history is an assault on the minds and bodies of school children.A bill sponsored by lesbian Senator Sheila Kuehl, SB 1437, places new mandates on California public schools to approve a curriculum that promotes and celebrates the lives of transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual "role models." The legislation has already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, despite pro-family opposition.Randy Thomasson with the Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) testified against SB 1437 at a recent hearing. He is calling on California citizens to ask Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto the controversial measure.Thomasson believes the pro-homosexual bill is aimed at encouraging children not just to tolerate but to emulate homosexual behavior. "This is really teaching children this is how [they] can be, too," he says."Under the proposed curriculum changes homosexuals, transsexuals, and bisexuals will be depicted as 'heroic,'" the pro-family activist contends, "and this is all part of their agenda -- to be role models for children, so more children will enter these sexual lifestyles, perhaps even get a sex change."According to Thomasson, the California Department of Education will undoubtedly use SB 1437 to erase all traditional distinctions or gender standards. He says the bill is designed to penetrate the academic purpose of schools with sexual, social engineering targeting children as young as kindergarten by requiring every aspect of the public education system in California to accept, embrace, teach, and promote homosexuality and other harmful sexual lifestyles.The CCF spokesman fears the bill is likely to pass the Senate. For that reason, he is urging Californians to contact their governor and ask him to pledge to veto SB 1437, as his response to the measure is not something conservative and pro-family citizens dare take for granted."We need to understand that Democrat politicians all across California and more so across the country are in favor of all of the transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual agenda," Thomasson asserts. "We also need to understand that liberal Republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger are going to go back and forth on whether to sign or veto."SB 1437 is "frightening for parents who want trustworthy schools," the pro-family advocate adds. He hopes those parents and other Californians will join him in calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to veto a bill that requires schools to teach students favorably regarding deviant and unhealthy sexual lifestyles.Thomasson believes Christians in particular should be speaking out against SB 1437. He says the church is a problem when it is uninvolved and a solution when it is involved in fighting such proposals.

Jim Brown, a regular contributor to AgapePress, is a reporter for American Family Radio News, which can be heard online.

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