Monday, April 10, 2006

Oxymoron: Peaceful Islam

...An authority on Islam believes President Bush...: "

...An authority on Islam believes President Bush and his administration have blinders on when it comes to the true nature of Islam. Randall Terry, who has been involved in in-depth studies of Islam over the past several years, says the idea that Islam is "peaceful" denies the history of the religion. He insists that tolerance of other faiths and religious freedom do not exist in the Muslim faith. "The historic facts are clear. The words of Muhammad are clear," says Terry. Any Muslim who leaves Islam for another faith is to be executed -- and that is a fact Terry says cannot be sugar-coated. "We hear the phrase that Muhammad was a man of peace -- and yet we see historically that he decapitated people and called for the execution of those who left Islam." Terry says historical fact demands that people recognize Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of the sword. [Bill Fancher]


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