Monday, August 08, 2011

Dems Use Downgrade to Amplify Anti-Tea Party Charges -


But Standard & Poor's Managing Director John Chambers said there's "lots of blame to go around." 

He agreed with several officials that the environment in Washington is "dysfunctional," [doesn’t mention the Tea Party which is not an official political party] and said the fact that the dysfunction [the inability of the President and his Democrats to refrain form naming unofficial political parties as culpable…chronic blame-laying beyond the rational] to  put the United States within hours of hitting its debt ceiling was a driving factor in the downgrade decision. The second factor, he said, was the country's "fiscal trajectory."

Simply stated, the President’s inability to cohere the Congress, coupled with the absence of a viable plan to manage a sound fiscal policy resulted in an historic credit downgrade on Obama’s watch. In the corporate world, the shareholders would be demanding that the person at the top step aside and let someone with experience take over…while there’s still time.

The Democrats are either proving that they can’t comprehend the S&P Report as written or that they lack the willingness to tell the truth. Both may be applicable.

Dems Use Downgrade to Amplify Anti-Tea Party Charges -

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