Sunday, August 07, 2011

Axelrod: This is "a Tea Party downgrade" - CBS News

Alelrod is either a complete liar or he simply can’t read. The S&P report blames the downgrade on the 'Debt to Income ratio' (D/I), as all lenders will view your credit worthiness. It made no mention of ‘debt ceilings’ or ‘brinkmanship’ as it’s motivation to lower the credit-worthiness of the United States. And it certainly makes no mention of any policies held or promoted by anyone in the Tea Party.

However, typically, when the president of a company which is publicly owned allows this sort of thing to happen on his watch, he is fired for incompetence (Yahoo and founder,Wang as a recent example), since it is the mark of a qualified leader to bring opposing thoughts together to a solution. At this he fails miserably, at least to anyone objectively observing what goes in and what comes out. Politics, of course, will twist fact to become fantasy. Hence, the script and cast of the comedy of errors currently being billed in Washington today.
1.5 stars for showing up. I think. Maybe. (hmmm)
Axelrod: This is "a Tea Party downgrade" - CBS News

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