Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obama slammed at liberal conference - Washington Times

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Obama eliminated Pell grants and took over the college grant industry.
The last Republican budget was 2006 when unemployment was 4.6 and the deficit was 168 billion. In 2007 the democrats promptly double the budget after taking majorities. In 2008 the democrats destroyed three million jobs in two months following the minimum wage hike. Then in 2009 Bush never even SAW the budget because democrats were playing shenanigans in an election year and did their best to hide the budget from the public. The budget for 2009 was signed by Obama because it was so late. By 2009 democrats had unemployment up to 8%. Now in the fifth year of democrat budgets the deficit is 1.8 trillion and real unemployment (U6) is at 20%.
And don't forget the democrats forced banks to take bad loans until the system crashed and we got this recession. Lookup Community Re-Investment Act.
Obama slammed at liberal conference - Washington Times

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