Friday, July 22, 2011

What happened to global warming? - Science Fair -

Wow….all my expectations that man has caused Global Climate Change are quickly going up in a puff of smoke…I mean volcanic ash.
"What happens in the future depends on the cause of the aerosols," says Daniel. "If it's volcanic, it depends on what volcanoes do. If its sulfur, it depends on what our pollution is."
The paper does not address how man-made versus natural activities contribute to aerosol creation, which they say is a question to be explored in further studies.
As for aerosols' impact on climate models used to estimate future global warming, according to the study, "climate model projections neglecting these changes would continue to overestimate the … global warming in coming decades if these aerosols remain present at current values or increase."
And this comes just weeks after scientists recognize that volcanoes are 100 million times (100,000,000X) more influential on climate than previously understood. Besides clearing the air a bit, to see climate for what it is, this process also discloses “science” for what it isn’t: an authoritative source for knowledge, but rather a systematic process for the alleviation of ignorance. And as such, we have a lot to learn. After all, if we actually knew it all, science –the systematic process by which we relieve ourselves of our ignorance-  would serve no purpose.
And, as the paper points out, natural climate controls will likely dominate, remaining true to climate’s billion year pattern of behavior, where one volcanic eruption can remove an entire season’s warmth. Now that’s what I call ‘influential’.
Man should only hope to have such power. Or not.
What happened to global warming? - Science Fair -

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