Thursday, February 03, 2011

Why Are We Dependant on OPEC?

We can drill anywhere we choose to on US soil. The factions that want us to remain dependent on foreign oil have their own agendas and expect their own rewards, even to the detriment of the US and the world. They would, in essence, hold the quality of life of a caribou above the quality of life of a human. But that’s another issue.

I expect that, if we were to announce that we will be drilling in all the known areas within US territorial borders for the expressed purpose of severing OPEC dependence, we would see a plummeting of oil prices and a stabilization in that sector of the global economy. The political factions within Muslim nations will continue as it has for 1400 years as they continue to decimate all in their paths, regardless of whether they be Christian, Jew or Muslim. Allah is quoted in the Koran as saying that it is his singular intention to “fill hell with jinn (evil spirits) and men”. To attempt to force democratic principles on a society who’s very Islamic foundation is anathema to peaceful and equal co-existence with other religions, as well as factions within its own, is nothing short of foolhardy; Foolhardy in that such action would show a deep and imperiling lack of understanding of what Islam actually is. Both John Q. Adams and Winston Churchill -and for that matter, Tony Blair- had a very keen respect for Islam. Read what they had to say on the state of Islam after hundreds and hundreds of years of its existence, as well as the conditions of those countries where Islam is predominant. You can tell a tree by its fruit and the politics of Muslim nations in nothing….nothing like the democratic principles we would want to share, even at the expense of our own American lives.

So, drilling our own oil to stabilize our own prices for our own benefit is about the best thing we could do for ourselves and the rest of the world. Competition in product pricing is always a good thing. Though the cap and tax crowd might disagree, and do so for monetary considerations, I would understand. Nevertheless, only a fool goes broke eating in restaurants when his own cupboard is full to overflowing.

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